Ingrown nail on the big toe - treatment in the hospital and at home
Onychocryptosis - ingrown nail on the thumb: diagnosis and treatment
Ingrown nail on the big toe is a painful problem that may even require surgical intervention. How to treat an ingrown nail? Causes and symptoms of ingrown toenail. The main methods of dealing with the problem. Recommendations for treatment at home in adults and children. Preventive measures.
Zaedy in the corners of his mouth – what there are and what to treat?
Why are there zaedy in the corners of the mouth? Predisposing factors, treatment and prevention
Zaedy in the corners of the mouth - causes of education and a list of diseases for which the characteristic symptom. Effective ways of dealing with the problem in adults and children.
What diseases cures dermatologist and when you need to see the doctor?
What cures a dermatologist, when you need his advice? Where the doctor accepts, how much it costs
What diseases and problems are dealt with by a dermatologist: a list of pathologies and specialty physician. What symptoms are treated by the dermatologist: danger signs of skin diseases. How is the reception of the dermatologist: where the doctor accepts, how to prepare for the examination, analysis and research, treatment methods
Red dots on body as moles – causes and treatment
Red dots on body as moles - what it is and what can be dangerous? Diagnosis and treatment entities
What do red dots on body as moles. The types of red birthmarks. The reasons for their occurrence. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of red dots. Prevention.
Ringworm in humans – pictures, types, symptoms and treatment
Ringworm in humans - what types are it looks like and how to treat?
Ringworm in humans - types, methods of treatment depending on the varieties and symptoms. Causes of ringworm infection and consequences of the disease. Ringworm, lichen planus, Pityriasis versicolor, Tinea versicolor, pityriasis rosea.
Papillomas on the penis – photos, causes, symptoms and treatment
Papillomas on the penis - why they occur, as occur and how to treat?
Papillomas on the penis - causes and symptoms of the disease. The possible complications. How to get rid of warts on the penis. How to remove the papilloma. Prevention.
Papillomas on the neck – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Why are there warts on neck and armpits? Symptoms and treatment of papillomas
Why appear papillomas on the neck. How to remove papillomas on the neck and in the armpits. Treatment in the home folk remedies. Prevention.
Why are there pimples on their hands and how to get rid of them
Why are there pimples on hands in adults and children? How to quickly cure pharmacy remedies and folk recipes?
Pimples on the hands in adults and children - the causes and their symptoms. How to quickly get rid of pimples at home: pharmacy and folk remedies. Doctors ' recommendations and preventive measures
Boils causes, photos, treatments at home
From why there are boils and how to treat them at home?
The boils - treatments at home and in the hospital. The reasons for the development of the disease, its possible complications, as well as symptoms of pathology.
Psoriasis in adults pictures, symptoms and treatment at home
Psoriasis - what is it? How does the disease, what causes and how to manifest. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention
Psoriasis of the causes of the disease, symptoms. Diet in psoriasis. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Erysipelas of the feet – causes, symptoms and treatment of erysipelas on the leg
Erysipelas, erysipelas of the foot - symptoms and treatment medications, folk remedies, prevention
Erysipelas (photo) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis of the disease. How to treat pathology of the medicines, folk remedies. Consequences, prevention
Pink ringworm in humans – pictures, symptoms, treatment methods
Looks like pityriasis rosea in humans? Photo. Ways of infection, methods of treatment, medicines, folk remedies
Pityriasis rosea in humans: description, causes, pictures, symptoms. Methods for the treatment of pink lichen: the list of drugs traditional methods.
Remedies for acne on face – what better to choose? Browse people
Remedies for acne on face - list of best pharmacy remedies and recipes
The best and effective means of acne of the face: a list of pharmaceutical drugs and traditional methods. How to cleanse your face from acne at home: top 8 most effective methods.
Cracks in the fingers – causes and treatment
Cracks on fingers - why appear and how to treat them?
Cracks on the fingers of the hands - causes, predisposing factors. How to treat the problem. Folk recipes, helping to deal with cracks on the skin: creams, masks, compresses, baths. Prevention.
Cracked heels - symptoms and treatment at home
What have cracked heels? The list of drugs and recipes of traditional remedies for the treatment of
How to cure cracked heels. The causes of cracks. Medicines and traditional medicines in combating the disease. Reviews.

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