Pinworms in adults – causes, symptoms and treatment the best equipment and medicines
Pinworms in adults - where, what impact and how to get rid of? Treatment and folk remedies
Pinworms in adults - understand why they occur and how to manifest? Symptoms of helminthiasis timely and parasitic diagnostics. Treatment of medical drugs and pills, treatment of folk remedies getting rid of worms at home. Prevention of adults, against the appearance of eggs of helminths: Nematodes, Cestodes, Trematodes.
What causes dehydration in an adult and child, and why is it dangerous? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Dehydration in a child and adult - why is there and why is it dangerous? Symptoms, first aid treatment
Что такое обезвоживание и его причины. Степени обезвоживания, симптомы у взрослых и детей. Последствия обезвоживания. Лечение. Профилактика.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa – all about the pathogen. Ways of infection, symptoms and consequences, treatment options
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Polio – what is it? Symptoms and treatment how to prevent disease?
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Polio – causes, symptoms, consequences of disease. When to get vaccinated against polio? Complications after vaccination, treatment and prevention of disease.