Female urethritis – causes, the first signs and treatment
Urethritis in women - why it occurs, how it is expressed and what is dangerous? Symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment
How is urethritis in women and the dangerous disease: causes, complications are possible. The symptoms of different types of urethritis, and their treatment. Preparations for the treatment, prevention.
Endometrial hyperplasia – causes, symptoms and treatment
Endometrial hyperplasia - what is this disease and how to treat it? The causes of the pathology, symptoms and treatment methods
Endometrial hyperplasia – classification of the disease and how to treat it. Causes, symptoms and treatments of pathology. Can endometrial hyperplasia to develop into cancer? Do I need surgery?
The smell from the vagina – what causes and how to treat?
Unpleasant smell from the vagina - causes, pathology, treatment
For some reason there is the smell from the vagina. The symptoms of disease. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Reviews.