Colic in a newborn – what to do? Tips for parents

Colic in the newborn - the main symptoms are: Anxiety Bloating gripes

Almost all parents face this problem as colic in the newborn. Most moms and dads don't know how to deal with this phenomenon, and fall into confusion, turning for help to the pediatricians.

But with colic the baby is quite possible to cope on their own, if you treat this problem with understanding and patience, and to follow all simple rules, designed specifically for the responsible parent.

Кишечные колики у новорожденных - это боли в животе, связанные с повышенным газообразованием в кишечнике
Intestinal colic in infants is abdominal pain associated with increased gas formation in the intestine

When and why there colic

There are several different versions when it start in newborns colic but the time of their appearance for each individual kid, as it depends on many factors:

  • term birth. Premature babies born colic can start later than usual, but they will last longer.
  • The mode of feeding and overfeeding. It happens that the child's stomach does not have time to completely digest your food before the next feeding, which causes flatulence.
  • Development of the gastrointestinal tract. All kids digestive tract develop at different rates, which depends on the start date and end the colic.
  • Food baby and mother. Being on artificial nutrition the baby may feel discomfort in her tummy due to mismatched mix, baby breastfeeding may react to food you eat mother.
  • The personal qualities of the child. Have restless and overly temperamental children period cramps is more painful and lasting.
  • Poor attachment to the breast. If the baby is not latching properly mother's, he swallows air, which leads to the subsequent formation of gas.

All these factors in varying degrees, can affect how long colic last in newborns, so the exact period of this process, it is difficult to specify.

Pediatricians use the following scheme of the course of colic in infants, referred to as the "rule of three": colic start in the third week of life, the attacks last for 3 hours three times a day, and finally cease at the age of three months.

But children are not subject to the common scheme, and therefore to say with certainty when are colic in newborns is impossible: some kids in pain end in two months, while others continue up to six months of age.

Колики у новорожденных начинаются на третьей неделе жизни малыша и проходят к моменту достижения им 3-месячного возраста
Colic in infants begin in the third week of life the baby and tested by the time they reach 3 months of age

Please note! Abdominal pain that appear in infants, do not pose any danger to the health of the kids, but cause severe discomfort, both by newborns and their parents.

No one remedy will not give an absolute guarantee of freedom from colic, because a thorough the reason for their appearance remains unknown.

It is believed that the main cause colic in newborns the immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, but some children may suffer seizures from a very early age, and later – when the stomach is fully formed.

Some scientists believe that colic is one of the symptoms of the process of child's adaptation to the new environment and point to the neurological nature of colic. That is, the child is experiencing severe stress from the abundance of new impressions, in which the nervous system reacts with pain and spasms in the ventricle.

On this basis, the causes of colic can be divided into two groups:

  1. Immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract. The baby initially in the intestine are absent beneficial bacteria that an adult accompany and facilitate the process of digestion. During the formation of beneficial microflora in the digestive tract of the baby arise discomfort in the tummy. Gas and bloating will end when the baby is fully formed digestive tract and improve their work.
  2. Neurological disorders. Colic can occur under the action of irritating factors: sleep disorders (disruptions in the rhythm of sleep, lack of sleep) and power mode, when the weather changes, when stressful situations (bright light, loud and sudden noises, extreme cold, etc.).

Dr. Komarovsky encourages parents not to panic at the onset of colic in the baby. This is an absolutely normal process, which will end by itself once the baby adapts to his new sphere of existence.

Колики — это в подавляющем большинстве случаев безопасная проблема, которая проходит сама по себе
Colic is the vast majority of cases, the safe problem that goes away by itself

As manifested colic in the newborn

Even inexperienced parents can recognize colic and gas in newborns, crying arises from the child for no apparent reason when the baby is dry, fed and healthy. The child can scream very much, and for a few hours a day.

Crying arises from the child usually after 20-30 minutes after feeding and can last a few minutes and 2-3 hours. If the child cannot calm down a longer time, then the cause may be much more serious, and in this case it is better to seek the advice of a doctor.

Colic symptoms:

  • Bloated, hard tummy;
  • Pipsqueak pressed to the belly of the leg;
  • Baby much screaming;
  • Appear gases;
  • The child may try to push;
  • The baby becomes restless and Moody, a long time does not calm down.

Important! Colic usually present with seizures, the baby suddenly starts screaming and then just as suddenly falls silent.

Child during bouts of colic feels very bad, which affects his behavior – the baby spits out the pacifier, refuses the breast, turned, bent arc. At this point the kid is very acutely aware of the mood mom. If she is confused, hurt and angry, the baby will quickly catch the mood of the mother and will begin to act up even more.

Когда у младенца колики в животе, то успокоить его не представляется возможным, особенно — в 1 месяц жизни, когда болевой синдром очень ярко выражен
When baby colic, soothe it is not possible, especially in the 1st month of life, when pain syndrome is very pronounced

How to help your child

At the onset of colic in infants, parents are frantically looking for ways to address them, applying the purchase and public facilities. These methods do not always prove effective, and some, on the contrary, can aggravate the situation.

Truly effective remedies are not so many, and most of them boils down to the proper actions of parents during bouts of colic in your baby.

Чтобы успокоить ребёнка при коликах нужно обеспечить максимальный тактильный контакт, носите на руках и в слинге, практикуйте совместный сон, укладывайте на живот к себе себе, укачивайте на руках
To calm the child at gripes in order to maximize tactile contact, wear on the hands and in a sling, practice co-sleeping, lay on your stomach for myself, ukazyvaete on hand

What to do parents:

  1. To put before each feeding of the baby on her tummy for a few minutes.
  2. To ensure constant contact with the baby, taking the baby on hand, hugged her, put it to his belly, simultaneously stroking on the back.
  3. After feeding for some time, you need to hold the baby upright to burp the air accumulated in the stomach.
  4. Protected from stress and impact of external factors (noise, cold, excessively bright light).
  5. Massaging baby's tummy in a circular light motion clockwise. Massage for colic in a newborn baby will help your child not only to get rid of the painful spasms, but also to feel the warmth of his mother, which is very important for the General condition of the baby.
  6. Can be put on baby's tummy warm (not hot) diaper. Such warmer for a newborn colic baby will bring a pleasant feeling and helps you to relax and calm down.
  7. While the child is breast-fed eliminate from the mother's diet the foods that trigger flatulence (products with caffeine tomatoes, nuts, onions, corn, hot and spicy dishes, cabbage, beans, homemade milk).
  8. When artificial feeding is to try to replace the mixture. Choose the mixture, which does not contain palm oil.
  9. To give the baby tea fennel, dill water or pharmacy drugs to get rid of colic.

When you select the pharmacy medicines should not rely on reviews from other moms from the forums, and it is better to consult a district pediatrician. Some remedies can cause side effects: itching and rash on the skin constipation. If a child manifests such a reaction the drops should be replaced by others or completely cancel their appointment.

Please note! On the first place among pharmaceutical drugs are drops from colic for newborns Infakol, cough syrup, Drops, SAB Simplex. They are considered harmless to babies and rapidly excreted with feces.

Перед использованием аптечных препаратов стоит проконсультироваться с педиатром, чтобы кишечная колика у детей прошла быстрее и не вызвала осложнений
Before using pharmaceutical drugs should consult with a pediatrician to intestinal colic in children was faster and did not cause complications

Dill water for newborns colic is considered the most effective and harmless means. You can buy in a drugstore or prepare your own: one teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds or dill, pour a glass of hot water and then put for 15 minutes in a water bath. Cooled and strained infusion is given to the baby before eating one small spoon.

The first thing parents must do with the appearance of baby colic – not to worry and not to panic. The fear and anger of the parents passed to the child, and it is more difficult to calm down.

Komarovsky says that colicky babies – not so much a problem of the newborn as his parents, who built this natural physiological process in the grade of disease, which actively need to fight. The doctor emphasizes that the best remedy for colic in newborns – patience, attention and love of parents.

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