Inflamed axillary lymph node – what it means and what to do?
Inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes
Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the mouse has the typical symptoms, increase redness, increase in temperature. What this symptom means and what to do when lymphadenitis? What is dangerous for women? Will sort out all the issues.
What is leukemia in children? Symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Leukemia in children
Leukemia in children is a very dangerous disease of the circulatory system. Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of disease.
Lactase deficiency in infants – symptoms and treatment
Lactase deficiency in infants
Lactase deficiency in infants - why is there and how to manifest pathology. Nutrition moms. Diagnosis. How to treat Lactasoy failure. Complications. Prevention.
Lamination of hair at home – how to do it right?
Lamination of hair
Lamination of hair - use of the procedure. How to spend at home. In some cases, contraindicated lamination of hair. Recipes treatment mask based on gelatin. What is keratin hair restoration.
Laparoscopy in gynecology, the surgery, benefits, possible complications
Laparoscopy in Gynecology
Laparoscopy in gynaecology – diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical method. Is used for many pathologies of the pelvic organs. How is it performed? Indications for the operation. Contraindications and possible consequences.
Barking cough in children – causes, symptoms and treatment
Barking cough in a child
Dry cough in children. Barking cough in children – how to treat? Useful inhalation. Cough with fever and no. What to give to relieve the attack.
Ringworm in humans – pictures, types, symptoms and treatment
Ringworm in humans
Ringworm in humans - types, methods of treatment depending on the varieties and symptoms. Causes of ringworm infection and consequences of the disease. Ringworm, lichen planus, Pityriasis versicolor, Tinea versicolor, pityriasis rosea.
Giardia in adults – ways of infection, symptoms and treatment
Giardia in adults
Giardia in adults - transmission, causes the appearance in the blood and liver. Tests for Giardia. How to get rid of Giardia in adults. Treatment of Giardia medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Giardia in children – what parents need to know? Symptoms of giardiasis in children and its treatment methods
Giardia in children
How are Giardia in children and what they are dangerous for children. Is it possible to detect Giardia in a child: basic characteristics and tests for parasites in children. Treatment of Giardia in a child: drugs, diet, doctors ' recommendations
Norma leukocytes in the blood of women, men, children, table, types
The white blood cell count - the norm
The white blood cell count - variety. Norma leukocytes to the blood of men, women, children. The reasons for the increase or decrease of white blood cells. How to treat leukocytosis and leukopenia. Prevention and types of leukocytes and lymphocytes.
Lung cancer: is there life after cancer center
Lung cancer: is there life after cancer center
Russian experts agree that 75% of patients in need of rehabilitation after removal of lung cancer. The fight against cancer depletes people. They usually tolerate surgery to remove a lobe or the whole organ. The remaining cancer cells achieve anti-cancer agents, irradiated with radiation, and poison "chemistry".
Pink ringworm in humans – pictures, symptoms, treatment methods
Versicolor pink
Pityriasis rosea in humans: description, causes, pictures, symptoms. Methods for the treatment of pink lichen: the list of drugs traditional methods.
What is lumbago and how is it treated? Causes, treatments
Why do I get lumbago: causes, symptoms and differences from other diseases. Methods for the treatment of lumbago at home and in the clinic, therapeutic exercises.

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