10 способов остановить кровотечение из носа. Причины и правила оказания первой помощи
Кровь из носа
Для устранения кровотечения из носа, нужно сделать следующие шаги: Успокаивайте человека, особенно детей, так как плач усиливает кровоток. Сядьте прямо и слегка наклоните голову вперед, но не назад, дабы кровь не попадала в носоглотку и горло. Надавливайте большим и указательным пальцами на мягкую часть ноздрей ниже переносицы не менее 10 минут. Поместите холодную ткань или холодный пакет на лоб человека и один вокруг шеи, особенно по бокам шеи.Через 10 минут ослабьте давление пальцев на ноздри и проверьте, остановилось ли кровотечение.
Arterial bleeding – signs and first aid, special instructions
Arterial bleeding
What to do if there was arterial bleeding? Signs of arterial bleeding, stop the blood flow with the tourniquet and fingers: algorithm for rendering the first ambulance postradavshim and special instructions with photo examples of the places you need to press with your fingers and apply a tourniquet if the wound arms, legs, neck, torso.
What is the use of bowel cleansing enema? Preparation and conducting the procedure
What is the use of bowel cleansing enema? Preparation and conducting the procedure
Enema for bowel cleansing - the benefits of the procedure. How to conduct in home training nuances. What solution should I use?
Types of candidiasis in women – symptoms and treatments
Types of candidiasis in women – symptoms and treatments
Candidiasis in women - what types of disease happen? Causes, symptoms, treatments, pathology, and preventive measures.
Вирус Коксаки – симптомы и лечение, способы передачи, разновидности
Coxsackie virus
Что такое вирус Коксаки? Симптомы заболевания и инкубационный период. Осложнения. Медикаментозное лечение. Профилактика Вирус Коксаки лечение и способы передачи, разновидности вируса.
Green feces in adults – causes, symptoms and treatment
Cal green adult
Feces green in the adult - causes, possible pathology. The type definition of pathology by the nature of the chair and other additional features. Causes of disorders of defecation in adults. Therapy of various diseases, which appear green stool.
How to quit Smoking on their own, at home
Smoking, quit Smoking
What are the ways to quit Smoking at home. How to quit Smoking with the help of folk remedies? Methods of cleaning the body of nicotine.
How to recognize colon cancer? Symptoms, treatment, prognosis
bowel cancer
The symptoms of the emergence and development of colon cancer 1, 2, 3, and 4 stages with photo examples of stages. The first signs of cancer. Treatment, causes and prognosis of cancer of the various parts of the intestine - the small intestine, colon, rectum, and sigmoid colon.
How to get rid of the feeling lump in throat? Causes and treatment of pathology
Lump in the throat
What is lump in throat? For what reasons can occur feeling? The main diseases causing the symptom, and the treatments for them.
What is hypertensive crisis? First aid basics
Hypertensive crisis
Hypertensive crisis – causes of the disease, its clinical picture and event first aid. Prevention of the disease.
Kidney stones in men and women – causes, symptoms and treatment
Kidney stones
Why are kidney stones in men and women? What is urolithiasis? Which drugs and traditional methods will help to get rid of tumors?
Tooth decay in children and adults – photos, causes, symptoms and treatment
What is tooth decay - causes, clinical picture, diagnostics. Treatment of dental caries, medication and folk remedies. Complications. Prevention of dental caries.
The cough persists for a long time – than to treat? The list of effective pharmaceutical drugs and folk remedies
The cough persists for a long time
If the cough persists for a long time - than to treat? Pharmaceutical preparations, methods, tips doctors. Top 10 effective remedies for cough for children and adults.
Cough in a child without fever – causes and treatment
a cough in children without fever
Cough in a child without fever. Types of cough – wet and dry. How to treat prolonged cough in a child. Treatment of cough in newborns.
Liver cyst – what is it? The cause of pathology and treatment
cyst of the liver
What is a liver cyst and how dangerous it is for life? The causes of the pathology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of cysts of the liver. Photo and video examples of treatment of the disease.
Stomach flu in adults – where to attack and how to treat it?
Stomach flu in adults – where to attack and how to treat it?
The stomach flu - which can lead to disease in an adult? What are the main symptoms of the disease? What to do in case of infection?
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) – symptoms and treatment effects
Lyme borreliosis
Lyme disease - ways of infection, simptomy disease, diagnosis. Complications. How to treat Lyme disease - medicines and folk medicine. Prevention of Lyme disease.
Colic in a newborn – what to do? Tips for parents
Colic in the newborn
Colic in the newborn – the norm or pathology? Symptoms, external signs. What to do for colic in infants: effective tools, tips, pediatricians.
Conjunctivitis in adults – signs and treatment of pathology
conjunctivitis is an adult
Conjunctivitis adult - the main causes of disease, type of disease. Methods of treatment different types of conjunctivitis at home.
Conjunctivitis in children – the varieties, causes, treatments
Conjunctivitis in a child
Conjunctivitis in children – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye. He may have a viral, bacterial or allergic origin. It is required to treat as pathology may negatively impact visual function.
Coronary angiography of heart vessels – indications, stages of implementation, the cost, consequences
Coronary vessels of the heart
What is coronary angiography of the heart vessels: why and how is the procedure who is appointed. The results of coronary angiography and possible complications.
Crust on head in infants – why it appears and how to remove it?
The crust on the head of the baby
Crusts on the head baby - why it appears and how to remove it. The crust on the eyebrows of a baby. How to remove seborrheic crusts from the scalp.
Measles in Moscow 2019 – latest news about the epidemic
Measles in Moscow
Measles in Moscow 2019 - is there a threat of an epidemic? The latest data about the disease in the capital, the reasons for the spread of the disease. How to protect yourself against measles?
Measles in Samara – the latest news on the situation
Measles in Samara
Measles in Samara - the latest news on the situation with the disease. The symptoms of measles. Diagnosis and treatment. Dangerous than the disease. Prevention.
Red dots on body as moles – causes and treatment
Red spots on the body as a mole
What do red dots on body as moles. The types of red birthmarks. The reasons for their occurrence. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of red dots. Prevention.
Are bleeding gums when brushing – causes, treatment, prevention
Krovotochat gum
Why are bleeding gums. The symptoms of disease. How much bleeding gums after tooth extraction. What to do if you are bleeding gums during pregnancy. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. Prevention.
Corn – benefits and harms, recipes of traditional medicine
Corn health benefits. Boiled corn on the cob calories. Can I eat corn during pregnancy. Benefits for men and women. Contraindications. Corn for weight loss. Folk recipes. The use of corn in cosmetics.
The causes of red spots on the head in men and treatment methods
Redness of the head of the penis
Why men there redness of the head of the penis? What kind of disease says such a symptom? Diagnostic methods, treatment methods of redness.
Causes of blood in urine in men, treatment of possible diseases
Blood in urine in men
Why blood appears in the urine in men? What diseases may indicate this symptom? Bases of diagnostics and therapies.
The causes of nasal bleeding in a child and first aid
The causes of nasal bleeding in a child and first aid
A bloody nose in a child - causes and possible pathology. First aid for nosebleed. What is the meaning of frequent bleeding? Diagnosis and treatment.
The symptoms and treatment of angioedema. How to avoid danger?
Отёк Квинке (ангионевротический отёк)
Angioedema (angioedema) - severe swelling of tissues due to allergies. Causes, symptoms, treatment of angioedema.
Dryness in the nose and crust – causes and treatments
Peel and dryness in the nose
Dryness in the nose and crust – causes of the phenomenon: harmless factors and disease. Treatment using medicines and folk remedies, prevention.
What to do if there is bleeding from the back passage? Possible pathologies and their treatment
Bleeding from the anus
Bleeding from the anus - causes: a list of diseases and predisposing factors. Treatment bleeding from the anus in various pathologies. What to do when there anal bleeding: the recommendations of the experts.

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