Worm – how to quickly and effectively get rid of the worms? The rules of admission, contraindications
Worm – how to quickly and effectively get rid of the worms? The rules of admission, contraindications
Worm is for the treatment of worms. The dosage and treatment regimen for children and adults. Contraindications, reviews of doctors and patients
Pinworms in adults – causes, symptoms and treatment the best equipment and medicines
Pinworms in adults - where, what impact and how to get rid of? Treatment and folk remedies
Pinworms in adults - understand why they occur and how to manifest? Symptoms of helminthiasis timely and parasitic diagnostics. Treatment of medical drugs and pills, treatment of folk remedies getting rid of worms at home. Prevention of adults, against the appearance of eggs of helminths: Nematodes, Cestodes, Trematodes.
Worms in children – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Worms in children - how to identify the infection? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of helminths, their prevention
Worms in children - the causes and signs of infection. Methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis timely and pinworms in children. Treatment, the deliverance of the child from worms in the intestines medicines and folk remedies, easily doable at home, prevention.
We have lice? Learn how to get rid of them at home
Lice - what to do? Top 10 tools to eliminate the parasites in the home
How to understand that lice? How to get rid of lice in the hair of children. Treatment of head lice with the help of folk remedies. Preventive measures.
How to escape from mosquitoes and midges in nature and at home. Folk remedies for children and adults
How to protect yourself from mosquitoes at home? The best folk recipes. How to get a reaction from the bite
Effective folk remedies from mosquitoes and midges. Methods of controlling mosquitoes at the cottage, the apartment, on the walk. How to protect from insect bites child what to do if bitten by mosquitoes.
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) – symptoms and treatment effects
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) - what is dangerous is the disease? Ways of infection, symptoms, treatment of the disease. Effects on humans
Lyme disease - ways of infection, simptomy disease, diagnosis. Complications. How to treat Lyme disease - medicines and folk medicine. Prevention of Lyme disease.
Giardia in adults – ways of infection, symptoms and treatment
Giardia in adults - how do people become infected? The signs of the disease, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
Giardia in adults - transmission, causes the appearance in the blood and liver. Tests for Giardia. How to get rid of Giardia in adults. Treatment of Giardia medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Giardia in children – what parents need to know? Symptoms of giardiasis in children and its treatment methods
Giardia in children - how do you get infected? Signs of giardiasis, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
How are Giardia in children and what they are dangerous for children. Is it possible to detect Giardia in a child: basic characteristics and tests for parasites in children. Treatment of Giardia in a child: drugs, diet, doctors ' recommendations
Pinworms in adults – what to do and how to avoid infection? The symptoms and treatment methods
Pinworms in adults - why there, how to recognize infection and what to treat?
Pinworms in adults: causes and development of disease. Signs of infection, photos of parasites. Treatment: folk remedies effective drugs. Prevention
Pinworms in children – pictures, symptoms and treatment
As manifest pinworms in children and how to treat the child? Medicines and folk remedies
Signs of pinworms in children. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of pinworms at home. Treatment of pinworms in children folk remedies. Prevention.
Pyrantel worms – rules of admission for children and adults
How to take Pyrantel parasites from children and adults? Manual, reviews of doctors and patients, counterparts
How does Pyrantel - indications, dosages for adults and children, terms of use, special instructions. Reviews about Pyrantel, comparison with analogues.
Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis children and adults – why is it necessary? Scheme of vaccination
Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis children and adults - why is it necessary? Indications, contraindications, diagram vaccinations
What is tick-borne encephalitis. When to vaccinate adults and children. Vaccination scheme. In some cases, vaccination is contraindicated. Side effects. The cost of vaccination in different regions.
The symptoms and treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults, prevention of the disease
Opisthorchiasis - how not to get infected by eating fish? The symptoms and treatment of the disease. Prevention
Characteristics of the causative agent of opisthorchiasis in the human body. The main symptoms of worm infestation, the procedure of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa – all about the pathogen. Ways of infection, symptoms and consequences, treatment options
Pseudomonas aeruginosa - what is dangerous, where is and how to treat it? Symptoms, treatments, prognosis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa - where appear, and the spread of the microbe. What is the danger and what are the symptoms of an infection. Is there a cure for Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection: treatments, list of medications and prognosis.
Pills for worms for children – which is better? List of agents for the treatment and prevention of helminthiasis
Pills for worms for children - which is better? Top 7 effective drugs against helminths
Pills for worms for children - an overview of effective drugs, characteristics, cost. Helminthiasis prevention – is it necessary to take pills? Rules with the pill from worms: recommendations of pediatricians.
Bug bites on humans (photos) – symptoms and treatment
How to identify bed bug bites on human skin and how to treat them? Methods of pest control
Look like bug bites and the more dangerous parasites to humans? The symptoms of the disease. How to treat bug bites on the human body. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Helicobacter pylori – causes, symptoms and treatment
Helicobacter pylori - how the disease manifests itself? Test for Helicobacter pylori, treatment, folk remedies
The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori. How to take the test. Interpreting the results of the analysis. The treatment with antibiotics. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. Prevention.
What to do if the tick has bitten the person?
What to do if the tick has bitten the person? First aid and major mistakes. How to remove the parasite and where to go?
What to do if the tick has bitten the person, and what they should not do? How to remove the parasite? The symptoms of encephalitis, a means of preventing disease.