Suffer from bloating and abdominal pain? Find out how to treat flatulence

Excess intestinal gas is a common disease. Knowing the causes and symptoms of flatulence in adults, it is possible to assign appropriate treatment.

Flatulence in adults is a common phenomenon associated with excess intestinal gas. It arises for various reasons, but is often accompanied by bloating, sensation of a tight belly, and often appear heartburn and colic.

The main problem stems from the fact that the majority of patients are embarrassed to address with this question to the doctor. So they want to know how to get rid of flatulence from the comfort of home. In order to overcome the disease, you need to understand the causes and common symptoms.

Для того, чтобы победить метеоризм, нужно разобраться с причинами, которые его спровоцировали
In order to defeat flatulence, you need to understand the reasons that provoked him

As gases accumulate?

Gases in the gut are present in an amount of about 200 ml. They are accumulated through three key ways:

  • swallow air;
  • gas appearing in the lumen of the colon;
  • gas that enters the blood stream.

In normal condition they leave the human body via the rectum in the amount of 600 ml Is the average, in some cases, the amount can vary from two hundred to two thousand ml. of the Process is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, since the impact of microflora on food residues stand out substances like indole or hydrogen sulfide.

If the gas can not freely leave the intestine, it begins to accumulate in the form of a nasal foam composed of many bubbles. It remains in the intestinal lining, which considerably complicated digestion and also decreases the activity of enzymes. As a result, the body can not properly absorb nutrients.

Why accumulate gases?

As with any disease, the causes of flatulence of the intestine may be different. Sometimes these manifestations are not talking about serious pathology, but simply are associated with overeating or consumption of foods, which increases flatulence.

Bloating and flatulence even manifest in children in the first days after birth. In this case, the reason lies in the problems with the enzyme system, it malfunctions. In adults the same thing is often in the disease, developing in the stomach or the intestine. For example, reasons include:

If a person is healthy, the greatest amount of gas disappears thanks to the work of bacteria. If the disturbed balance between the microorganisms that create gas, and those who consume it, it starts bloating.

In some situations, there is a so-called stretching of the intestine. Most often this is due to the surgical intervention, in which affects the motility of the organs. Such often leads to pain with flatulence paroxysmal character.

Celiac disease (or gluten intolerance) is a typical cause of bloating. The pathological process starts, if the patient eats a product containing banned for it component. Finally, the disease may be associated with excessive nervousness, it has to develop under the influence of stress. This is often accompanied by hormonal imbalance.

Очень часто стресс - это одна из причин метеоризма
Very often stress - this is one of the reasons for flatulence

symptomatology of the disease

Syndrome flatulence can manifest itself in different ways. Usually it begins to swell the abdomen, develop pain, often vomiting and diarrhea. Also the symptoms of flatulence include:

  • burp
  • constipation,
  • problems with appetite,
  • strong waste gases
  • rumbling in the intestines,
  • feeling pressure.

The symptoms and treatment are not always connected directly, as some symptoms of bloating manifested, not where the disease develops. Sometimes there are cardiac pathology: modifies the heart rhythm, possible burning in the chest area. Worsens the General mood and the ability to work, possible problems with sleep and headache.

As a rule, the disease manifests itself in two main forms.

  1. In the first case, a characteristic feature is reinforced abdominal distention because gases can't exit the body due to spasm of the colon. Key symptoms – discomfort, bloating and pain.
  2. The second type is the increased flatulence with a particularly strong leg. Pain may be absent, but common rumbling and the feeling of "transfusion".

Often the disease is not an independent disease, but a kind of symptom of other pathologies. For example, it may indicate the presence of parasites, neurosis, inflammation and dysbiosis of the intestine.

food Basics

Very often, the disease manifests itself, due to wrong nutrition, so important factor is diet flatulence. As a rule, to reduce flatus people decide to abandon legumes. They do contain rough fiber, can cause flatulence, but should pay attention to other products.

For example, the patient is forbidden to drink highly drinks. In addition, there is a flatulence after a meal, causing fermentation reaction. First and foremost, it is lamb meat, and brew.

In General, the diet of the sick is aimed at:

  • creating a high-quality diet;
  • correction of intestinal motility;
  • reduce inflammation and fermentation;
  • exception food that you have intolerance to;
  • restore the state of the microflora.

It is important to not only eat permitted foods, but also to use them subject to the rules. For example, you cannot snack on the go, you need a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. To make it better in some time, observing mode.

Important! Flatulence will have to abandon the liquid in the process of eating, and chewing gum.

It is best to divide the meals into five or six receptions at small sizes. This will ensure better digestion. The temperature of the food to be average, not to irritate the intestines, and all the products are compatible. Finally, you will have to refrain from fried and salty foods.

Важно соблюдать правильное питание, и разделить его на 5-6 раз на день
It is important to observe proper nutrition, and divide it into 5-6 times a day

Prohibited and permitted foods

In order to forget about what constipation and flatulence, you will have to pay attention to the products. To forbidden foods is that, which causes excessive gas. All can distinguish three main groups.

  • The first – containing rough cellulose.
  • The second is easy carbohydratesthat leads to rotting in the stomach and intestines.
  • Third products that do not tolerate a particular patient. Most often these include lactose.

In addition, most patients are recommended to be from animal protein as it for a long time and are hard to digest and essential oils, preservatives and various food additives. Banned is a number of the following products:

  • wheat bread, pastries, a variety of flour products (including pasta);
  • fatty fish or meat, and the broth from them;
  • sausages, pickles (including fish), marinades;
  • canned;
  • mushrooms;
  • whole milk;
  • brew, beer;
  • the millet, barley and barley grits;
  • daikon, radish, radish;
  • chocolate and jam;
  • spices;
  • fried eggs;
  • coffee and cocoa.

When belching and flatulence you can eat what does not lead to enhanced gas production, as well as having carminative action. In addition, the food should be well digested and encourage the development of beneficial microorganisms of the intestine. Such products include:

  • wheat crackers;
  • low-fat protein;
  • dairy products;
  • potatoes, courgettes, carrots;
  • greens;
  • Bay leaf and cumin;
  • rice and semolina;
  • green tea;
  • eggs soft-boiled or steam omelets.

Correction of a power system is a kind of primary cure for flatulence. Without it, medication effects and treatment of folk remedies can easily be absolutely useless.

What to do with flatulence?

All patients interested in how to treat flatulence. Treatment will vary depending on what led to the development of the disease. First and foremost, a special diet is prescribed, without which the further impact impossible.

Then the doctor will pay attention to pathology, which began excessive gas. Thus, the causes of flatulence and treatment are inseparably connected. If there was motor impairment, the patient is prescribed prokinetics, and if apparent problems with the biocenosis, the biologics.

Diarrhea for flatulence and nausea will pass away, when the accumulated gases leave the intestine. The removal may be performed by a doctor in the hospital. As tablets from flatulence activated carbon used (one for every ten pounds of body weight), polifepan and Dimethicone.

Tip! Moderately strong effect can have herbal preparations like tinctures of the fruits of the cumin or coriander, chamomile, or mint leaves.

Constant flatulence is typically the result of other diseases, or systematic of forbidden food. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor who will be able to identify the key cause of the disease. He will remove it and prescribe suitable drugs from flatulence.

Метеоризм, который повторяется вновь и вновь может быть следствием других заболеваний
Flatulence, which is repeated again and again may be a consequence of other diseases

Characteristics of the disease in expectant mothers

Bloating during pregnancy is common, however, such pressure especially in the later stages, can greatly scare the woman. Fortunately, the situation can be overcome.

As a rule, causes of flatulence in adult women and the treatment is similar, as if a sick man or any other man. However, there are some features. For example, in the early stages the body of the pregnant woman secretes progesterone to help the uterus relax. However, it also relaxes the gut, which starts constipation, gases accumulate is bloating.

In the later stages there is a common causes include the pressure of the uterus on the intestines and dysbiosis and classic eating disorders. In addition to common signs in pregnant women may be hiccups, headache and the strange odor from the mouth.

In order to cope with the disease, the expectant mother needs to adjust his diet, regular walking and to abandon the constricting clothing, especially in the waist area. All this is the best remedy for this disease, since medication is not always admissible during pregnancy.

Treatment of flatulence must be under the supervision of a specialist. Only so can avoid the potential dangers for the health of the mother and her unborn child.

Будущая мать, страдающая болезнью, должна больше гулять и не носить стягивающую одежду
A future mother, suffering from disease, should go on more walks and not to wear constricting clothes

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