Pain in ear in adults – what to do at home?
Why can hurt the ear and how to remove pain at home?
What does if it hurts your ear? What pathology can cause the symptom? How to cope with ear pain at home drugs, traditional remedies.

Multiple symptoms resembling ear pain: if it hurts the ear directly ear pain if the ear shoots. Ear pain is a pressing, dull, and "shooting". Pain can be in the region of the Pinna and outside the ear canal. To define it...

Laid the ear, but no pain causes and treatment symptoms
Ear but no pain - what could it be and how to treat?
Laid the ear, but no pain what could it be. Causes of stuffy ears during pregnancy. Treatment. Folk remedy for Earache.
Hearing loss and hearing impairment
Hearing loss and hearing impairment

Symptoms similar to hearing loss. These include the onset of deafness and hearing impairment. Hearing loss can be congenital or acquired. Accordingly they differ only in the time of their occurrence. Acquired deafness may be inherited (genetic), and it means the manifestation of the beginning...

The causes of tinnitus and treatments
Causes of tinnitus - from harmless to serious pathologies. Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms
Why noise may occur in the ears? What kind of diseases could say a similar symptom? What to do in case of noise? The methods of treatment.
What to do when an Earache in a child – medication, folk remedies, first aid
An Earache in a child - what could it be and what to do? Medicine, folk remedies from the pain
Why pain in ear in child which pathology can be? How to help your child and what not to do? Medicines and folk remedies to eliminate the pain.
Noise, ringing in the ears
Noise, ringing in the ears

Symptoms similar to tinnitus: the tinnitus; the buzzing; noise in the ears. The feeling of noise in the ear patients describe as a buzzing, roaring, ringing, whistling or humming. Along with many abnormal noises in the ear, ringing include...