Worms in children – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Worms in children - how to identify the infection? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of helminths, their prevention
Worms in children - the causes and signs of infection. Methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis timely and pinworms in children. Treatment, the deliverance of the child from worms in the intestines medicines and folk remedies, easily doable at home, prevention.
Pinworms in adults – what to do and how to avoid infection? The symptoms and treatment methods
Pinworms in adults - why there, how to recognize infection and what to treat?
Pinworms in adults: causes and development of disease. Signs of infection, photos of parasites. Treatment: folk remedies effective drugs. Prevention
Diseases of the adrenal glands in women – causes, symptoms and treatment
As manifest disease of the adrenal glands in women? Pathology and their symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment, prevention
For some reason there are diseases of the adrenal glands in women. Symptoms of pathologies. Diagnosis. Traditional remedies in combating diseases of the adrenal glands in women. Prevention.
The causes of uterine prolapse, the symptoms and methods of treatment of disease reviews, methods
The causes of prolapse of the uterus in women, symptoms and methods of treatment of pathology
Why women experience uterine prolapse? What are the symptoms you may notice problem? Methods for the treatment of prolapse and possible consequences of the disease.
Giardia in children – what parents need to know? Symptoms of giardiasis in children and its treatment methods
Giardia in children - how do you get infected? Signs of giardiasis, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
How are Giardia in children and what they are dangerous for children. Is it possible to detect Giardia in a child: basic characteristics and tests for parasites in children. Treatment of Giardia in a child: drugs, diet, doctors ' recommendations
Helicobacter pylori – causes, symptoms and treatment
Helicobacter pylori - how the disease manifests itself? Test for Helicobacter pylori, treatment, folk remedies
The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori. How to take the test. Interpreting the results of the analysis. The treatment with antibiotics. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. Prevention.
Rotavirus in children – characteristics of the disease, causes, symptoms and treatment
Rotavirus in children - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Rotavirus in children – infectious process, which manifests in the symptoms of respiratory and intestinal diseases. The virus causes serious dehydration, so this condition requires urgent treatment.
Symptoms of inflammation of the gallbladder, and methods of treating disease
Inflammation of the gall bladder - causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention basics
How does inflammation of the gallbladder? Is it possible to notice the disease in its early stages? What to do after the onset of symptoms? The basics of treatment and prevention.
Prostate cancer in men – causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis
Prostate cancer - the first symptoms, stages, treatment, prognosis
What causes prostate cancer? Symptoms and signs of prostate cancer depending on the extent and stage. The treatment, possible methods. The prognosis of survival.
Diverticulosis of intestine – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diverticulosis of intestine - causes of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods
Diverticulosis of the bowel in adults - causes and symptoms of the disease. How to treat diverticulosis medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Sciatica – what is it? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Sciatica - why inflamed sciatic nerve? Treatment medicines and folk remedies
Sciatica - causes of sciatica. The symptoms of the disease. How to treat sciatica medication. Folk remedies. Prevention.
What is uterine fibroids – causes, symptoms, treatment. The dangers of the disease
What causes uterine fibroids and how to identify? The danger of the disease. Treatment, frequently asked questions doctor
Appears uterine fibroids: causes and symptoms of the tumor. The main methods of treatment: conservative therapy and surgery. Reviews of doctors.
Abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea? Find out how to treat intestinal dysbiosis
Intestinal dysbiosis in adults - symptoms and treatment
What is dysbacteriosis of the intestine in adults? The causes of disease, stages and symptoms. Treatment of dysbiosis: drug and folk remedies.
Constipation in newborn, baby, child
Constipation in newborn, baby, child

Parents are often concerned about how and how often should their children to empty the bowel, however, most constipation has no serious consequences and may pose a problem only if the stool becomes painful and there is a further delay or constipation leads to other...