Pinworms in children – pictures, symptoms and treatment
As manifest pinworms in children and how to treat the child? Medicines and folk remedies
Signs of pinworms in children. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of pinworms at home. Treatment of pinworms in children folk remedies. Prevention.
Pinworms in adults – causes, symptoms and treatment the best equipment and medicines
Pinworms in adults - where, what impact and how to get rid of? Treatment and folk remedies
Pinworms in adults - understand why they occur and how to manifest? Symptoms of helminthiasis timely and parasitic diagnostics. Treatment of medical drugs and pills, treatment of folk remedies getting rid of worms at home. Prevention of adults, against the appearance of eggs of helminths: Nematodes, Cestodes, Trematodes.
Worms in children – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Worms in children - how to identify the infection? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of helminths, their prevention
Worms in children - the causes and signs of infection. Methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis timely and pinworms in children. Treatment, the deliverance of the child from worms in the intestines medicines and folk remedies, easily doable at home, prevention.
Diarrhea in adults – causes and treatment
Why do I get diarrhea in an adult? Reason and possible pathology, treatment and folk remedies
Diarrhea in adults - the causes, possible pathology. What can I eat with diarrhea. Pills from diarrhea in adults. Treatment of folk remedies. Prevention.
Heaviness in the stomach after eating – causes and treatment
What causes heaviness in the stomach after eating? Causes, diseases, diagnosis and treatment
Heaviness in the stomach after eating, bloating, belching - causes and symptoms of possible pathology. Heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy. Diagnosis, treatment. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Liver cancer – can we cure the disease? The development of the pathology and its treatment methods
Liver cancer - as manifested in different stages? The methods of treatment. How long live with liver cancer?
What causes them liver cancer in women and men, and what are its first manifestations. Stage liver cancer with symptoms. In some cases, liver cancer is curable and how long can you live with this diagnosis.
Lactase deficiency in infants – symptoms and treatment
Lactase deficiency in infants - how to identify the disease? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Lactase deficiency in infants - why is there and how to manifest pathology. Nutrition moms. Diagnosis. How to treat Lactasoy failure. Complications. Prevention.
The symptoms and treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults, prevention of the disease
Opisthorchiasis - how not to get infected by eating fish? The symptoms and treatment of the disease. Prevention
Characteristics of the causative agent of opisthorchiasis in the human body. The main symptoms of worm infestation, the procedure of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Giardia in children – what parents need to know? Symptoms of giardiasis in children and its treatment methods
Giardia in children - how do you get infected? Signs of giardiasis, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
How are Giardia in children and what they are dangerous for children. Is it possible to detect Giardia in a child: basic characteristics and tests for parasites in children. Treatment of Giardia in a child: drugs, diet, doctors ' recommendations
Helicobacter pylori – causes, symptoms and treatment
Helicobacter pylori - how the disease manifests itself? Test for Helicobacter pylori, treatment, folk remedies
The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori. How to take the test. Interpreting the results of the analysis. The treatment with antibiotics. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. Prevention.
Giardia in adults – ways of infection, symptoms and treatment
Giardia in adults - how do people become infected? The signs of the disease, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
Giardia in adults - transmission, causes the appearance in the blood and liver. Tests for Giardia. How to get rid of Giardia in adults. Treatment of Giardia medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Rotavirus in children – characteristics of the disease, causes, symptoms and treatment
Rotavirus in children - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Rotavirus in children – infectious process, which manifests in the symptoms of respiratory and intestinal diseases. The virus causes serious dehydration, so this condition requires urgent treatment.
Symptoms of inflammation of the gallbladder, and methods of treating disease
Inflammation of the gall bladder - causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention basics
How does inflammation of the gallbladder? Is it possible to notice the disease in its early stages? What to do after the onset of symptoms? The basics of treatment and prevention.
Inflammatory bowel disease – symptoms and treatment, prevention
Intestinal inflammation - causes, symptoms and treatment of disease. Prevention of disease
Inflammation of the bowel - causes and symptoms of the disease. Medication. Diet for inflammation of intestine in an adult human. Treatment of folk remedies. Prevention.
Inflammation of the pancreas – causes, symptoms and treatment
Inflammation of the pancreas - as is evident, why is there than to treat?
What are the causes of inflammation of the pancreas. Signs of inflammation of the pancreas. How to treat the disease medically. Folk remedies. Diet for inflammation of the pancreas. Prevention.
Colic in a newborn – what to do? Tips for parents
Colic in newborn signs and treatment. How to help your child? Treatment medicines, folk remedies
Colic in the newborn – the norm or pathology? Symptoms, external signs. What to do for colic in infants: effective tools, tips, pediatricians.
Peritonitis – causes, symptoms and treatment
Peritonitis - as time suspected the disease? Symptoms, types, risk of pathology. Methods of treatment and prevention
Peritonitis - causes, symptoms, types. Complications of peritonitis. How to treat peritonitis in adults. Prevention.
Bloating and flatulence – causes, symptoms and treatment
Why is the bloating and flatulence and how to cure it?
Вздутие живота и газообразование - причины явления. Как избавиться от неприятного симптома медикаментами и народными средствами. Профилактика метеоризма и вздутия живота.
Diverticulosis of intestine – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diverticulosis of intestine - causes of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods
Diverticulosis of the bowel in adults - causes and symptoms of the disease. How to treat diverticulosis medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Causes of gases in the intestines, symptoms and treatments
Why there are gases in the intestines and how to get rid of this nasty problem?
Why there are gases in the intestines? The norm or pathology? Symptoms, diagnosis, causes and treatments for excessive gas formation in the intestine.
Что такое диарея? Причины появления и методы лечения диареи у детей и взрослых
Diarrhoea - types, causes, treatments in children and adults. List of drugs
Diarrhea in adults and children: causes, symptoms and varieties. How to treat diarrhea: home methods, medicines, diet, the advice of a doctor.
Pills for diarrhea in adults – which will help quickly and efficiently?
Таблетки от поноса у взрослых: недорогие и эффективные лекарства
Pills for diarrhea in adults - what to choose? Inexpensive and effective means - names, list. Choose the drug depending on the status reason.
Abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea? Find out how to treat intestinal dysbiosis
Intestinal dysbiosis in adults - symptoms and treatment
What is dysbacteriosis of the intestine in adults? The causes of disease, stages and symptoms. Treatment of dysbiosis: drug and folk remedies.
Enteritis in adults – symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Enteritis - symptoms and treatment in adults, prevention
Как проявляется энтерит кишечника у взрослых: разновидности и симптомы заболевания, методы лечебной терапии и восстановления. Список лекарственных препаратов для лечения энтерита и хронического энтерита у взрослых мужчин и женщин.