Erysipelas of the feet – causes, symptoms and treatment of erysipelas on the leg
Erysipelas, erysipelas of the foot - symptoms and treatment medications, folk remedies, prevention
Erysipelas (photo) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis of the disease. How to treat pathology of the medicines, folk remedies. Consequences, prevention
Depression in men – causes, symptoms and treatments
Why is depression in men? Why is it dangerous? Signs of disorder and treatment. How to get rid of self
Depression in men – why it occurs and how the disease manifests itself? Treatment with medication, psychotherapy, and alternative methods. How to prevent
Diabetes in women – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diabetes in women - what causes, how it is expressed, than to treat? Diet, folk remedies for the treatment, prevention
Diabetes in women - causes, the first signs. Dangerous than the disease. Treatment medicines, folk remedies. Prevention.
Tonsillitis in children – causes, symptoms and treatment
Tonsillitis in a child - why there, how to manifest and how to treat? Prevention of the disease
Tonsillitis in a child – how to treat chronic? Why is he developing? Symptoms. Prevention of tonsillitis. Bacterial and viral tonsillitis.
The instruction to the drug Berlition 600 – application features and precautions
Препарат Берлитион - показания, дозировки, побочные эффекты. Как применять в таблетках и ампулах? Отзывы, аналоги, стоимость
Для чего используется Берлитион 600: действие препарата и показания к применению. Правила использования Берлитиона 600: дозировка, схемы введения, побочные эффекты и противопоказания. Мнение врачей и пациентов.
Diseases of the adrenal glands in women – causes, symptoms and treatment
As manifest disease of the adrenal glands in women? Pathology and their symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment, prevention
For some reason there are diseases of the adrenal glands in women. Symptoms of pathologies. Diagnosis. Traditional remedies in combating diseases of the adrenal glands in women. Prevention.
HIV and AIDS – is there a difference? Differences and similarities of AIDS and HIV infection
HIV and AIDS - what is the difference? What is important to know about these diagnoses? Symptoms, treatment, prognosis
HIV and AIDS - what is the difference between diagnoses? Definition of concepts and their distinguishing features. How to distinguish between AIDS and HIV infection – comparative characterization of pathological conditions.
Fibromyalgia – causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease
Fibromyalgia - what is this disease? The symptoms of disease. Treatment medicines, folk remedies, gymnastics
What is fibromyalgia? Causes and symptoms of the disease. Treatment with medicines and physiotherapy. How to cure fibromyalgia folk remedies. Prevention of the disease.
Take the army with flat feet? Symptoms, diagnosis, stage of zabolevaniya
Take the army with flat feet? What stage of illness be exempt?
What is flat feet. Varieties of the disease. The symptoms of flatfoot. Do now in the army with flat feet. How is medical examination in the military. Treatment of flatfoot. Prevention.
What is the danger of hydrocephalus in a child? Causes, symptoms and consequences
Hydrocephalus in children - why it occurs, how it is expressed and whether it is possible to cure the disease?
Why develop hydrocephalus in children: causes, symptoms in infants and children older than two years. Treatment, effects and complications of the disease.
Polio – what is it? Symptoms and treatment how to prevent disease?
Polio - what is it and how dangerous is he? Symptoms, treatment, complications. How to prevent the disease?
Polio – causes, symptoms, consequences of disease. When to get vaccinated against polio? Complications after vaccination, treatment and prevention of disease.
Tetanus in humans – how a disease occurs and how to treat it?
Tetanus in man - ways of transmission, symptoms, treatment. The dangers of the disease
Tetanus in humans - stages of development: first signs and symptoms, stages and possible complications. Methods of treatment, prophylaxis, vaccination against tetanus.
Why am I having leg cramps in the elderly and how to get rid of them?
Why am I having leg cramps in the elderly and how to get rid of them?
What is seizures and how they manifest themselves? Causes of spasms of the hands and feet of the elderly. Treatment medicines and folk remedies.
Talking about leg cramps at night and what to do, what are the reasons?
Talking about leg cramps at night and what to do, what are the reasons?
Why am I having leg cramps at night? The main causes ways to treat the condition at home, and with the help of medications and therapeutic exercises. If leg cramps night cramp what to do we'll tell.
Chronic kidney failure symptoms, stages, treatments
Chronic renal failure - causes of disease, stages and symptoms. The treatment, prognosis. Prevention
What causes chronic renal failure? The stage of the disease and their symptoms. Soputstvuyuschie pathology. Treatment, diet. Forecast. Prevention
facial spasms
facial spasms

Seizures are paroxysmal involuntary contraction of the muscles, their twitching. Spasms of face, legs and any part of the body can be tonic clonic. Tonic spasms are a muscle tension, referred to as spasm. Clonic seizures variant is considered to be involuntary muscle twitching. Perhaps a combination of both. It is...