What is apathy and how to overcome the indifferent state? Causes, signs and treatment of a condition
What is apathy and why does it occur? Causes, features and treatments
What is lethargy - causes, features and characteristic symptoms. Do I need to treat apathy and how to get rid of it: recommendations and methods of treatment.
Sinusitis in children – what is it? Symptoms and treatment
Sinusitis in children - what is this disease? Why is there and how has it developed? Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Sinusitis in children: what is this disease, principal. Causes, clinical picture, the possible consequences. Diagnosis and methods of treatment. Prevention.
Hyperthyroidism – causes and symptoms in women, treatment
What causes hyperthyroidism in women? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Prevention
Hyperthyroidism in women - symptoms and treatment. The reasons for the development of the disease. And how can I treat folk remedies. Diet in hyperthyroidism. Disease in menopause.
Staphylococcus aureus throat in adults and children – symptoms and treatment
Staphylococcus aureus in throat - causes, symptoms in children and adults. What danger is there? Medicine and folk recipes
What causes Staphylococcus aureus in the throat of the child and the adult. The symptoms of staph, diagnosis. Treatment medicines and folk remedies.
Diabetes in women – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diabetes in women - what causes, how it is expressed, than to treat? Diet, folk remedies for the treatment, prevention
Diabetes in women - causes, the first signs. Dangerous than the disease. Treatment medicines, folk remedies. Prevention.
Tonsillitis in children – causes, symptoms and treatment
Tonsillitis in a child - why there, how to manifest and how to treat? Prevention of the disease
Tonsillitis in a child – how to treat chronic? Why is he developing? Symptoms. Prevention of tonsillitis. Bacterial and viral tonsillitis.
What causes dehydration in an adult and child, and why is it dangerous? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Dehydration in a child and adult - why is there and why is it dangerous? Symptoms, first aid treatment
What is dehydration and its causes. The degree of dehydration, the symptoms in adults and children. The effects of dehydration. Treatment. Prevention.
Sinus bradycardia is a heart – what is it? The causes of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods
Sinus bradycardia is a heart - what is it? What dangerous condition? Diagnosis and treatment in children and adults
What is sinus bradycardia? Why is there such a violation? How to recognize sinus bradycardia, treatment and prevention of disease.
Liver cancer – can we cure the disease? The development of the pathology and its treatment methods
Liver cancer - as manifested in different stages? The methods of treatment. How long live with liver cancer?
What causes them liver cancer in women and men, and what are its first manifestations. Stage liver cancer with symptoms. In some cases, liver cancer is curable and how long can you live with this diagnosis.
Causes and treatment of hormonal failure in women
Hormonal imbalance in women - what is? Causes and methods of treatment
What is a hormonal imbalance in women and what causes it? Describe the characteristics of the hormonal failure in women of different age, methods of treatment.
Diphtheria in children, cause, first symptoms and treatment. The dangers of the disease
The first signs of diphtheria in children, emergency aid and treatment. When you need to get vaccinated?
Diphtheria in children causes and first symptoms of the disease. How to treat the disease in children. Prevention of disease. Vaccination against diphtheria.
It hurts the liver in men and women symptoms, causes and treatment
How does it hurt the liver? Causes, symptoms in men and women, treatments
It hurts the liver and why is this happening? What are the symptoms in men and women indicate the presence of pathology. Than to treat the liver at home.
The concussion the child – symptoms, first aid, treatment
The concussion the child – symptoms, first aid, treatment
How does the concussion in children: signs and symptoms depending on age. What to do if you suspect a concussion? First aid.
Delirium tremens – how to recognize and prevent a dangerous condition?
Delirium tremens – how to recognize and prevent a dangerous condition?
Why and who has delirium tremens. The first signs of the disease. Is there a cure for delirium tremens: home methods and treatment in a hospital
Abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea? Find out how to treat intestinal dysbiosis
Intestinal dysbiosis in adults - symptoms and treatment
What is dysbacteriosis of the intestine in adults? The causes of disease, stages and symptoms. Treatment of dysbiosis: drug and folk remedies.