Hepatitis B (B) – the causes, transmission, symptoms and treatment
How is hepatitis b? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B, prognosis and prevention
What is viral hepatitis B. modes of transmission, symptoms, diagnosis and complications post. Treatment medicines and folk remedies hepatitis type B and prevention of the disease in men and women.
Pinworms in children – pictures, symptoms and treatment
As manifest pinworms in children and how to treat the child? Medicines and folk remedies
Signs of pinworms in children. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of pinworms at home. Treatment of pinworms in children folk remedies. Prevention.
Mitral regurgitation of 1 degree – what is it? Causes, symptoms, treatment
Mitral regurgitation of 1 degree - what is it? What causes pathology and how to manifest? Diagnosis, treatment, prevention
Mitral regurgitation of 1 degree is one of the forms of heart diseases. How dangerous is it? The symptoms and treatment of pathology. Can I play sports?
Coronary heart disease – forms and signs of disease, methods of treatment
Ischemic heart disease - when to suspect the disease? The types of diseases and their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Prognosis and prevention
How is coronary heart disease: causes and risk factors. Classification of CHD: the form of the disease and their symptoms. Treatment, prevention and prognosis of ischemic heart disease.
A deviated septum how to cure the pathology? The causes and methods of treatment
A deviated septum - causes of the pathology, symptoms and treatment methods. Types of operations, costs and reviews
Why is there a deviated septum: causes and signs of disease. How to cure a deviated septum: conservative and surgical methods of treatment. The curvature of the nasal septum in children: causes, symptoms, treatment.
Encephalopathy of the brain – what is it? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Encephalopathy of the brain - what is pathology? Causes and methods of treatment. Prevention
Encephalopathy of the brain causes children and the elderly. The types of the disease. Signs of encephalopathy. What is dangerous encephalopathy of the brain. How to treat pathology. Prevention.
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) – symptoms and treatment effects
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) - what is dangerous is the disease? Ways of infection, symptoms, treatment of the disease. Effects on humans
Lyme disease - ways of infection, simptomy disease, diagnosis. Complications. How to treat Lyme disease - medicines and folk medicine. Prevention of Lyme disease.
Increased monocytes in the adult – what does that mean? Causes, pathology, treatment
Increased monocytes in the blood of adult - what does that mean? Physiological causes and disease treatments
Increased monocytes in the blood of adults - what does this mean? Possible causes of pathology. The leukocyte count analysis when conducting diagnostic procedures and ways of dealing with monocytosis.
Chronic kidney failure symptoms, stages, treatments
Chronic renal failure - causes of disease, stages and symptoms. The treatment, prognosis. Prevention
What causes chronic renal failure? The stage of the disease and their symptoms. Soputstvuyuschie pathology. Treatment, diet. Forecast. Prevention