Staphylococcus aureus in nose – causes, symptoms and treatment
Staphylococcus aureus in the nose - where there is, as is evident, what is dangerous? Methods of treatment, prevention
What causes Staphylococcus aureus in the nose. Signs of the disease. Drug and the popular treatment aureus. Prevention.
How to quickly cope with a cold at home – a step by step guide
How to quickly get rid of a cold at home? Pills and effective folk remedies
Cold how to quickly get rid of the disease at home? And people's pharmacy remedies for adults, children, lactating and pregnant women.
Best cure for flu and colds – the list specifications, prices. First aid
Cure for flu and colds - the list of the most effective and inexpensive
How to choose an effective and inexpensive cure for colds and flu - the list of the best brands, features, price in the pharmacy, the drug. The first aid for colds and flu, what are the main differences and symptoms.
Rotavirus in children – characteristics of the disease, causes, symptoms and treatment
Rotavirus in children - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Rotavirus in children – infectious process, which manifests in the symptoms of respiratory and intestinal diseases. The virus causes serious dehydration, so this condition requires urgent treatment.
Eosinophils increased in child – causes, pathology and treatment
Why do eosinophils increase in a child? Possible pathologies and treatment
Elevated eosinophils in the child - why this is happening and what could this mean? Symptoms and diagnosis. The treatment of diseases. Complications. Prevention.
Flu in Moscow – February 2019: latest news
Flu in Moscow in February 2019 - latest news, doctors
Flu in Moscow in February 2019 - latest news on cases and what to expect in March? The symptoms and treatment of influenza. Preventive measures.
Is there a flu epidemic in St. Petersburg? The latest news, expert predictions
Flu 2019 in Saint-Petersburg - the latest news. If the city faces an epidemic? Predictions, tips, professionals
What is the situation with a flu in St.-Petersburg: statistics of the incidence, types of viruses, the forecasts of experts. How not to get infected: precautions, advice and guidance
Measles in Moscow 2019 – latest news about the epidemic
Moscow faces a measles epidemic - how not to get infected? The situation in the city - the latest news
Measles in Moscow 2019 - is there a threat of an epidemic? The latest data about the disease in the capital, the reasons for the spread of the disease. How to protect yourself against measles?
Flu in Moscow in January 2019 – latest news
The bird flu situation in Moscow 2019 - a city on the verge of an epidemic? Latest news. How to protect yourself?
Is there a flu epidemic in Moscow in January 2019: the latest developments, the doctors ' prognosis. The types of influenza in Moscow, the symptoms and first signs. How not to get sick with the flu and what to do when infected?
Flu 2019 – latest news on the situation in Russia, Europe and USA
Influenza 2018 - the latest news about cases in the regions of Russia. Frightening statistics in Europe and the United States
Flu 2019 - latest news on cases in the cities of Russia. The situation in Europe and the United States. Forms of the flu, the first symptoms. Features of vaccination. Prevention
Polio – what is it? Symptoms and treatment how to prevent disease?
Polio - what is it and how dangerous is he? Symptoms, treatment, complications. How to prevent the disease?
Polio – causes, symptoms, consequences of disease. When to get vaccinated against polio? Complications after vaccination, treatment and prevention of disease.
The causes of adenoiditis in children. Treatment and prevention of disease
Why is there adenoiditis in children and how can it be dangerous? The symptoms and treatment of pathology
Adenoids in children - causes and symptoms of pathology. Treatments: medications and folk remedies. Surgical removal and the indications for the procedure.
Herpes angina in children as the disease manifests itself? Effective treatments
Herpes angina in children as the disease manifests itself? Effective treatments
Herpes sore throat - why it arises, how is the infection and what are its symptoms in children? The most effective and popular methods of treatment of the disease.