Erysipelas of the feet – causes, symptoms and treatment of erysipelas on the leg
Erysipelas, erysipelas of the foot - symptoms and treatment medications, folk remedies, prevention
Erysipelas (photo) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis of the disease. How to treat pathology of the medicines, folk remedies. Consequences, prevention
Psoriasis in adults pictures, symptoms and treatment at home
Psoriasis - what is it? How does the disease, what causes and how to manifest. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention
Psoriasis of the causes of the disease, symptoms. Diet in psoriasis. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Bug bites on humans (photos) – symptoms and treatment
How to identify bed bug bites on human skin and how to treat them? Methods of pest control
Look like bug bites and the more dangerous parasites to humans? The symptoms of the disease. How to treat bug bites on the human body. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Demodicosis on the face – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Demodicosis on the face of it - looks like what appears? Treatment and prevention
Demodicosis on the face - looks like a disease? The reasons that cause it. How to get rid of the problem: diet, treatment demodekoza faces. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Why is there a sun Allergy? Symptoms and treatment
Sun Allergy - how to recognize? What causes and how to treat?
Sun Allergy - causes and symptoms. What types of allergies to the sun are. How to remove rashes in adults and children. Prevention of allergic reactions.
Ringworm in humans – pictures, types, symptoms and treatment
Ringworm in humans - what types are it looks like and how to treat?
Ringworm in humans - types, methods of treatment depending on the varieties and symptoms. Causes of ringworm infection and consequences of the disease. Ringworm, lichen planus, Pityriasis versicolor, Tinea versicolor, pityriasis rosea.
How to treat chickenpox in children at home, symptoms of chickenpox in children. Than to wash away traces of green fodder and Fukortsin with body and hands
Chickenpox in children – treatment of the first symptoms, the incubation period of varicella, stage, swimming
Chickenpox in children will understand how many and how disease manifests itself, what are the causes of the disease and the features of the independent home treatment of chickenpox in baby and how to bathe and wash chickenpox than to wash off the green paint and Fukortsin with body and hair, fingers and nails. What can be complications and what is the incubation period of chickenpox? Learn when you can swim in the pool and hanging out with other children with chicken pox.
Bulimia or insatiable hunger – how to overcome a mental disorder?
Bulimia or insatiable hunger - what is this disease, symptoms and treatment
Why there is bulimia: causes, stages of disease development, symptoms with photo examples and methods for the treatment of adults and children, traditional ways of home treatment. Bulimia in children has its own peculiarities of the disease. Methods of treatment, complications, prognosis. To get rid of bulimia is impossible – you want qualified assistance of a specialist, and, most importantly, a strong desire of the patient to change his life and recover.
What to do if burned by boiling water? First aid and treatment
What to do if burned by boiling water? First aid and treatment
Классификация ожогов, Первая помощь при ожоге кипятком в домашних условиях. Лечение народными средствами. Лечение термического ожога.
How does a dermatitis in adults? Causes and treatment of the disease
Dermatitis (photo) - the symptoms and treatment in adults
Dermatitis is a skin disease of children and adults. Learn all about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment with medicines and folk remedies such as dermatitis, infectious dermatitis, atopic, seborrheic, contact dermatitis, allergic and dry. Photo examples of each type of dermatitis.