Hepatitis B (B) – the causes, transmission, symptoms and treatment
How is hepatitis b? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B, prognosis and prevention
What is viral hepatitis B. modes of transmission, symptoms, diagnosis and complications post. Treatment medicines and folk remedies hepatitis type B and prevention of the disease in men and women.
Pinworms in children – pictures, symptoms and treatment
As manifest pinworms in children and how to treat the child? Medicines and folk remedies
Signs of pinworms in children. Diagnosis. Complications. How to get rid of pinworms at home. Treatment of pinworms in children folk remedies. Prevention.
What is apathy and how to overcome the indifferent state? Causes, signs and treatment of a condition
What is apathy and why does it occur? Causes, features and treatments
What is lethargy - causes, features and characteristic symptoms. Do I need to treat apathy and how to get rid of it: recommendations and methods of treatment.
Coronary heart disease – forms and signs of disease, methods of treatment
Ischemic heart disease - when to suspect the disease? The types of diseases and their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Prognosis and prevention
How is coronary heart disease: causes and risk factors. Classification of CHD: the form of the disease and their symptoms. Treatment, prevention and prognosis of ischemic heart disease.
Tuberculosis – causes, first signs, symptoms, and treatment
The first signs of tuberculosis. Why is there disease? Diagnosis, treatment, prevention
Tuberculosis - causes, transmission, symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs. Can I recover fully? Prevention.
Vomiting bile – causes and what to do?
What causes vomiting bile what disease might this mean? Causes of symptom what to do?
Vomiting bile in adults, children, and pregnant women. The causes, accompanying symptoms. Possible pathology, diagnosis and methods of treatment.
Causes and symptoms of tachycardia, the types of diseases and methods of treatment
Heart tachycardia - what it is, why there? How to recognize and how to treat the disease? Prevention of tachycardia
What is tachycardia? Is it possible to recognize the pathology at home? What to do when you identify a tachycardia? The basics of treatment and prevention of disease.
Stomach ulcers – causes, symptoms and treatments
What causes stomach ulcers? The first signs of the disease, diagnosis, treatment, complications. Diet ulcer. Prevention
Stomach ulcer - causes, the first signs. The treatment is medicines and folk remedies. Food for a stomach ulcer. Prevention of the disease.
Diabetes in women – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diabetes in women - what causes, how it is expressed, than to treat? Diet, folk remedies for the treatment, prevention
Diabetes in women - causes, the first signs. Dangerous than the disease. Treatment medicines, folk remedies. Prevention.
What causes dehydration in an adult and child, and why is it dangerous? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Dehydration in a child and adult - why is there and why is it dangerous? Symptoms, first aid treatment
What is dehydration and its causes. The degree of dehydration, the symptoms in adults and children. The effects of dehydration. Treatment. Prevention.
The instruction to the drug Berlition 600 – application features and precautions
Препарат Берлитион - показания, дозировки, побочные эффекты. Как применять в таблетках и ампулах? Отзывы, аналоги, стоимость
Для чего используется Берлитион 600: действие препарата и показания к применению. Правила использования Берлитиона 600: дозировка, схемы введения, побочные эффекты и противопоказания. Мнение врачей и пациентов.
Sinus bradycardia is a heart – what is it? The causes of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods
Sinus bradycardia is a heart - what is it? What dangerous condition? Diagnosis and treatment in children and adults
What is sinus bradycardia? Why is there such a violation? How to recognize sinus bradycardia, treatment and prevention of disease.
Diffuse changes of the thyroid gland – causes, symptoms and treatment
Diffuse changes of the thyroid gland - what is it? The causes of the pathology, symptoms and treatment
What is diffuse changes of the thyroid gland. Why they occur and how to manifest? Diagnosis pathology, treatment, prophylaxis.
Detachment of the placenta in early pregnancy – why it happens and what to do?
Detachment of the placenta in early pregnancy - why it happens? Symptoms, emergency measures, possible consequences
Detachment of the placenta in early pregnancy - what causes this pathology? The causes that increase the risk of placental abruption. The signs indicating the process. Emergency measures, the possible consequences.
Bug bites on humans (photos) – symptoms and treatment
How to identify bed bug bites on human skin and how to treat them? Methods of pest control
Look like bug bites and the more dangerous parasites to humans? The symptoms of the disease. How to treat bug bites on the human body. Folk remedies. Prevention.
The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the cervical and treatments
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes and signs of disease. Treatments - medicines and folk remedies
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes, main manifestations of pathology, diagnosis and treatment. Ways to relieve pinched - medicines and folk remedies, massage. Prevention of the disease.
Pituitary tumor in women - symptoms and treatment of disease
A tumor of the pituitary gland in women what causes and how to recognize in time? Treatment and prevention methods
Pituitary tumor in women - the reasons for the development of the disease. The types of tumors. The causes of pituitary adenoma. The symptoms of pituitary tumors in women. Diagnosis. The methods of treatment. Prevention.
Rotavirus in children – characteristics of the disease, causes, symptoms and treatment
Rotavirus in children - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Rotavirus in children – infectious process, which manifests in the symptoms of respiratory and intestinal diseases. The virus causes serious dehydration, so this condition requires urgent treatment.
Inflammatory bowel disease – symptoms and treatment, prevention
Intestinal inflammation - causes, symptoms and treatment of disease. Prevention of disease
Inflammation of the bowel - causes and symptoms of the disease. Medication. Diet for inflammation of intestine in an adult human. Treatment of folk remedies. Prevention.
Mononucleosis in children – causes, symptoms and treatment
Mononucleosis in children - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Infectious mononucleosis - what is this disease? The symptoms of infectious mononucleosis in children. Diagnosis. Complications. How to treat mononucleosis. Prevention.
In the blood increased hematocrit – what does it mean? Reason and possible pathology
Elevated hematocrit in the blood - causes and possible diseases. Normalization of hematocrit
Elevated hematocrit in the blood in children and adults: physiological causes and disease. Dangerous deviation from the norm and possible treatment.
Which means an increased bilirubin in the blood - the possible pathology and treatment methods
Talking about elevated bilirubin in the blood?
Talking about elevated bilirubin in the blood: possible causes, symptoms of possible pathologies. How to normalize the level of bilirubin.
Hydrocephalus in adults – causes, main symptoms and methods of treatment
Hydrocephalus in adults - why is there, how to manifest and how to treat the disease?
Hydrocephalus of the brain in adult: causes and types of diseases. Symptoms, signs and stages. Treatment - surgery and medicines.
Staphylococcus aureus in infants – causes, symptoms and treatment
What causes MRSA in infants? Symptoms, diagnosis, treatments. Folk remedies
Staphylococcus aureus in infants. The causes of infection, symptoms, diagnosis infection. Treatment medicines and traditional methods.
What is uterine fibroids – causes, symptoms, treatment. The dangers of the disease
What causes uterine fibroids and how to identify? The danger of the disease. Treatment, frequently asked questions doctor
Appears uterine fibroids: causes and symptoms of the tumor. The main methods of treatment: conservative therapy and surgery. Reviews of doctors.
The concussion the child – symptoms, first aid, treatment
The concussion the child – symptoms, first aid, treatment
How does the concussion in children: signs and symptoms depending on age. What to do if you suspect a concussion? First aid.
What is hypertensive crisis? First aid basics
How does a hypertensive crisis
Hypertensive crisis – causes of the disease, its clinical picture and event first aid. Prevention of the disease.

The symptoms are similar to the more turbid of consciousness – thoughts are foggy; thinking becomes unclear; – strong confusion; – confusion and embarrassment; man disoriented; thinking becomes unclear; – the person is not thinking clearly; – there are serious psychological changes of personality; the conscious...

Потеря сознания, обморок – первая скорая медицинская помощь
Потеря сознания, обморок - симптомы, причины и лечение, после диагностики

As a rule, loss of consciousness a person is associated with disruption of the Central nervous system. During such incidents people can't keep balance and fall down, unable to move the limbs. Perhaps only the presence of seizures for the period of loss of consciousness. Besides, people...

Fainting – symptoms and causes of fainting in adults and children, providing first medical care
Fainting - symptoms and causes of fainting in adults and children, first aid
Обморок, потеря сознания - это своеобразная защитная реакция организма взрослых и детей, возникающая в качестве ответа на определенные ситуации и раздражители, в результате которых к сердцу практически не поступает необходимая ему кровь, а к мозгу - кислород. Оказание первой помощи при обмороке - необходимое условие для скорейшего восстановления состояния пострадавшего.

Thousands of years of evolution have helped find a number of remarkable properties, including the sensitivity to balance. Few people asks a question: why when walking, running, jumping or just when turning the head the person is not lost in space and never falls. All of this...