Dementia - what is it? Dementia in the elderly: Symptoms and Treatment, forecast
Dementia in the elderly - what it is? The causes of the disease, Symptoms and Treatment. Forecast
What is dementia in the elderly. symptoms, stage of disease, causes of. Treatment. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. prevention.
Schizophrenia in women – how to manifest the disease and whether it can be cured?
Schizophrenia in women - what is it and how disease manifests itself, is it possible to cure?
Как распознать развивающуюся шизофрению у женщин на ранних стадиях? Каковы ключевые симптомы данного заболевания? Основы лечения шизофрении.
hallucinations – Symptoms and Treatment
hallucinations – Symptoms and Treatment

Hallucinations arise from errors or malfunctions of various senses. Characterized by perception of non-existent objects, imaginary perception, and its errors. It means, what you can see, to feel or to hear, what is actually there. Известен