Female urethritis – causes, the first signs and treatment
Urethritis in women - why it occurs, how it is expressed and what is dangerous? Symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment
How is urethritis in women and the dangerous disease: causes, complications are possible. The symptoms of different types of urethritis, and their treatment. Preparations for the treatment, prevention.
Urethritis in men causes, symptoms and treatment
Urethritis in men causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention
Urethritis in men - why it occurs and how to manifest? Diagnosis. Drug treatment of urethritis. How to treat urethritis in the home. Prevention.
Papillomas on the penis – photos, causes, symptoms and treatment
Papillomas on the penis - why they occur, as occur and how to treat?
Papillomas on the penis - causes and symptoms of the disease. The possible complications. How to get rid of warts on the penis. How to remove the papilloma. Prevention.
A tilted uterus (photos) – the causes and consequences of pathology
The bending of the uterus anteriorly and posteriorly - the causes of the pathology, symptoms, treatment and consequences. How to get pregnant with this diagnosis?
Bending of the uterus - causes and symptoms. The peculiarity of the location of the cervix and types of pathology. How to get pregnant with a tilted cervix. Exercises and postures for conception. Treatment of pathology.
Burning sensation when urinating in men – symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Burning during urination in men - causes disease. Treatment and prevention
Why there is a burning sensation when urinating in men. Symptoms of possible pathologies, diagnosis. Treatment medicines and folk recipes. Prevention.
Hydrocele in infant boys – causes, symptoms and treatment
The hydrocele testicles in babies - why is there, how to manifest and how to treat?
Dropsy of the testes in infant boys - causes, symptoms pathology. The types of operations. Treatment of folk remedies. Preventive measures.
What is uterine fibroids – causes, symptoms, treatment. The dangers of the disease
What causes uterine fibroids and how to identify? The danger of the disease. Treatment, frequently asked questions doctor
Appears uterine fibroids: causes and symptoms of the tumor. The main methods of treatment: conservative therapy and surgery. Reviews of doctors.
Phimosis in men – why the problem occurs and how to fix it?
Phimosis in men - symptoms, treatment, complications and prevention
Why is it phimosis in men, what is it? Causes, symptoms, stage of illness, treatments, possible complications, prevention.
Gonorrhea (the clap) – symptoms in women and men, diagnosis, treatment
Gonorrhea - the first signs of the disease, treatment and prevention
How does gonorrhea in women and men? The transmission path of the first signs of possible complications. Diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea in women and men.
Symptoms and treatment methods gardnerelly men
Of Gardnerella in men - where does how to manifest and how to treat the disease?
Why developing of Gardnerella in men? When were the first symptoms and how the disease manifests itself? Diagnostics, methods of treatment, prevention.
The origin of Gardnerella in women and how it manifests itself? Treatment and prevention
The origin of Gardnerella in women and how it manifests itself? Treatment and prevention
Of Gardnerella vaginalis in women where there, especially the emergence and transmission. Symptoms of infection by the bacterium Gardnerella and stages of its development during pregnancy. Modern medical methods of treatment of Gardnerella, candles and traditional recipes of herbal therapy, spicemania, the pads with oil.
Types of candidiasis in women – symptoms and treatments
Types of candidiasis in women – symptoms and treatments
Candidiasis in women - what types of disease happen? Causes, symptoms, treatments, pathology, and preventive measures.