Hepatitis B (B) – the causes, transmission, symptoms and treatment
How is hepatitis b? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B, prognosis and prevention
What is viral hepatitis B. modes of transmission, symptoms, diagnosis and complications post. Treatment medicines and folk remedies hepatitis type B and prevention of the disease in men and women.
Worms in children – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Worms in children - how to identify the infection? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of helminths, their prevention
Worms in children - the causes and signs of infection. Methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis timely and pinworms in children. Treatment, the deliverance of the child from worms in the intestines medicines and folk remedies, easily doable at home, prevention.
How is hepatitis C modes of transmission and the development of the disease
How Hepatitis C is transmitted from person to person? All possible ways of infection and signs of disease
Hepatitis C - like disease develops and how it threatens the person. How do you get hepatitis C: possible ways of infection, risk factors.
Psoriasis in adults pictures, symptoms and treatment at home
Psoriasis - what is it? How does the disease, what causes and how to manifest. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention
Psoriasis of the causes of the disease, symptoms. Diet in psoriasis. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Прививка от гриппа детям 2019-2020: вакцины, противопоказания, отзывы
Прививка от гриппа 2019-2020 детям - вакцины, побочные эффекты, противопоказания, отзывы
Классификация вакцин от гриппа 2019-2020. Противопоказания и побочные эффекты. Нужа ли прививка от гриппа детям? Противопоказания, отзывы.
What to do when the pain in the cold? Than remove the pain in the ears, the head, muscles of the chest?
Why the pain occurs in the ears, muscles, head colds and how to fix it?
Why is there pain during pregnancy how to get rid of them? How to help yourself with the help of medicines and folk remedies?
What is dangerous synovitis of the knee joint? Causes, symptoms, consequences of disease. Treatments
What is knee joint synovitis? How to recognize the disease? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Synovitis of the knee: description, types, symptoms. Why knee synovitis occurs and how to prevent the disease. Ways to treat synovitis: traditional, folk, operational.
The symptoms and treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults, prevention of the disease
Opisthorchiasis - how not to get infected by eating fish? The symptoms and treatment of the disease. Prevention
Characteristics of the causative agent of opisthorchiasis in the human body. The main symptoms of worm infestation, the procedure of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Eosinophils increased in child – causes, pathology and treatment
Why do eosinophils increase in a child? Possible pathologies and treatment
Elevated eosinophils in the child - why this is happening and what could this mean? Symptoms and diagnosis. The treatment of diseases. Complications. Prevention.
What to do if the tick has bitten the person?
What to do if the tick has bitten the person? First aid and major mistakes. How to remove the parasite and where to go?
What to do if the tick has bitten the person, and what they should not do? How to remove the parasite? The symptoms of encephalitis, a means of preventing disease.
HIV infection in men - especially the main symptoms and manifestations
The impact of HIV in men? Symptoms the first signs in the early stages
How to detect HIV in men: the first signs and stages of the disease. Characteristic features of HIV infection in men – symptoms and external signs of the disease.
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) – symptoms and treatment effects
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) - what is dangerous is the disease? Ways of infection, symptoms, treatment of the disease. Effects on humans
Lyme disease - ways of infection, simptomy disease, diagnosis. Complications. How to treat Lyme disease - medicines and folk medicine. Prevention of Lyme disease.
The causes of arthritis, symptoms and treatments
Why is there arthritis? Symptoms and methods of treatment of pathology
Why people develop arthritis? How to notice the onset of the disease? The characteristic symptoms of disease, main methods of exposure to different types of arthritis.
Is there a flu epidemic in St. Petersburg? The latest news, expert predictions
Flu 2019 in Saint-Petersburg - the latest news. If the city faces an epidemic? Predictions, tips, professionals
What is the situation with a flu in St.-Petersburg: statistics of the incidence, types of viruses, the forecasts of experts. How not to get infected: precautions, advice and guidance
Грипп в Москве в январе 2019-2020 года – последние новости
The bird flu situation in Moscow 2019 - a city on the verge of an epidemic? Latest news. How to protect yourself?
Is there a flu epidemic in Moscow in January 2019: the latest developments, the doctors ' prognosis. The types of influenza in Moscow, the symptoms and first signs. How not to get sick with the flu and what to do when infected?
Грипп 2020 – последние новости по обстановке в России, Европе и США
Грипп 2020 - последние новости о заболевших по регионам России. Пугающая статистика в Европе и США
Грипп 2020 - последние новости о заболевших в городах России. Обстановка в Европе и США. Формы гриппа, первые симптомы. Особенности вакцинации. Профилактика заболевания гриппом взрослых и детей.
What is leukemia in children? Symptoms, treatment, prognosis
What is leukemia in children? Symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Leukemia in children is a very dangerous disease of the circulatory system. Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of disease.
Gout – what is this disease? Treatment of gout in women and men with medicines and folk remedies
Gout - what is this disease? Treatment of gout in women and men
What is gout: how it looks and how the disease appears on the soles of the feet joints. Symptoms, treatment of gout in women and men, nutritional therapy and prevention.