How to get out of depression? Effective tips, drug list, literature
How to get out of depression? The advice of a psychologist, drug list. Movies and books from depression. Reviews by real people
Millions of people around the world don't know, how to get out of depression yourself. This condition is equivalent to the disease and in such cases often requires professional medical help.
hyperthyroidism – causes and symptoms in women, treatment
Why there is hyperthyroidism in women? symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. prevention
Hyperthyroidism in women - Symptoms and Treatment. Причины развития недуга. Как и можно ли лечить народными средствами. Питание при гипертиреозе. Заболевание в менопаузе.
What is angina and how to treat it – symptoms, therapy, prevention
angina - what is it, why illness occurs? The reasons, symptoms, treatments. risks. pathology Prevention
Почему возникает стенокардия: провоцирующие факторы, группы риска. The main symptoms, виды заболевания и их признаки. First aid, treatments.
adrenal disease in women – the reasons, Symptoms and Treatment
As manifest disease of the adrenal glands in women? Pathology of organs and their symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment, prevention
For some reason there are diseases of the adrenal glands in women. Symptoms of pathologies. Diagnostics. Traditional remedies in combating diseases of the adrenal glands in women. prevention.
The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the cervical and treatments
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes and symptoms of disease. therapies - medicine and folk remedies
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - the reasons, the main manifestations of pathology, Diagnosis and treatment. Ways to relieve pinched - medicine and folk remedies, massage. disease prevention.