Hyperthyroidism – causes and symptoms in women, treatment
What causes hyperthyroidism in women? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Prevention
Hyperthyroidism in women - symptoms and treatment. The reasons for the development of the disease. And how can I treat folk remedies. Diet in hyperthyroidism. Disease in menopause.
Coronary heart disease – forms and signs of disease, methods of treatment
Ischemic heart disease - when to suspect the disease? The types of diseases and their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Prognosis and prevention
How is coronary heart disease: causes and risk factors. Classification of CHD: the form of the disease and their symptoms. Treatment, prevention and prognosis of ischemic heart disease.
What is angina and how to treat it – symptoms, treatment, prevention
Angina - what is it, why is there disease? Causes, symptoms, treatment methods. Risks. Prevention of disease
What causes angina: precipitating factors, risk groups. The main symptoms, types of diseases and their symptoms. First aid treatment methods.
Best cure for flu and colds – the list specifications, prices. First aid
Cure for flu and colds - the list of the most effective and inexpensive
How to choose an effective and inexpensive cure for colds and flu - the list of the best brands, features, price in the pharmacy, the drug. The first aid for colds and flu, what are the main differences and symptoms.
Barking cough in children – causes, symptoms and treatment
What causes barking cough in a child? Causes, treatments, prevention
Dry cough in children. Barking cough in children – how to treat? Useful inhalation. Cough with fever and no. What to give to relieve the attack.
Mitral valve prolapse 1, 2, 3 degrees: symptoms and treatment
Mitral valve prolapse - what it is and how dangerous pathology? Symptoms, treatments, prognosis
The mitral valve prolapse. Degrees and varieties. Regurgitation. Is it true that with a prolapse we can. What is the danger of the prolapse and whether it is necessary to treat it?
Sinus bradycardia is a heart – what is it? The causes of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods
Sinus bradycardia is a heart - what is it? What dangerous condition? Diagnosis and treatment in children and adults
What is sinus bradycardia? Why is there such a violation? How to recognize sinus bradycardia, treatment and prevention of disease.
Fibroadenoma of the breast – what is it? Operation, treatment, prevention
Breast fibroadenoma - what is it, why is there? Symptoms, treatment, prevention
Fibroadenoma – a tumor in the breast with a benign nature. The tumor is rarely cancerous. Depending on the type and severity of the process, therapy is conservative or radical in nature.
The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the cervical and treatments
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes and signs of disease. Treatments - medicines and folk remedies
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes, main manifestations of pathology, diagnosis and treatment. Ways to relieve pinched - medicines and folk remedies, massage. Prevention of the disease.
Burning in the region of the heart – causes, symptoms and treatment
A burning sensation in the heart area - causes and possible pathology, diagnosis and treatment
A burning sensation in the heart area are the main reasons. Symptoms of diseases that causes a burning sensation. Diagnosis. Complications. Medication. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Fibromyalgia – causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease
Fibromyalgia - what is this disease? The symptoms of disease. Treatment medicines, folk remedies, gymnastics
What is fibromyalgia? Causes and symptoms of the disease. Treatment with medicines and physiotherapy. How to cure fibromyalgia folk remedies. Prevention of the disease.
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) – symptoms and treatment effects
Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) - what is dangerous is the disease? Ways of infection, symptoms, treatment of the disease. Effects on humans
Lyme disease - ways of infection, simptomy disease, diagnosis. Complications. How to treat Lyme disease - medicines and folk medicine. Prevention of Lyme disease.
Pain in the solar plexus – causes, symptoms, pathology and treatment
Why there is pain in the solar plexus? Reason and possible pathology, treatment
Why is there pain in the solar plexus. The symptoms of disease. How to treat medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Pain in the sternum in the middle – causes, pathology and treatment
Can talk about pain in the middle chest? Reason and possible pathology, treatment
Why pain appears in the chest in the middle? Drug treatment of pain. Folk remedy to pains in the sternum in the middle.
Enterovirus infection in children, peculiarities and approaches to therapy
Enterovirus infection in children as there where and than to treat?
Enterovirus infection in children – how to recognize the disease? Transmission, symptoms, treatment methods. The possible complications.
Myocardial infarction – the first signs and emergency
Инфаркт миокарда - симптомы, лечение, профилактика и питание
How is a myocardial infarction - causes and symptoms of pathology. The first signs and complications of the disease. Rules of emergency care.