Lung cancer: is there life after cancer center

Russian experts agree that 75% of patients in need of rehabilitation after removal of lung cancer. The fight against cancer depletes people. They usually tolerate surgery to remove a lobe or the whole organ. The remaining cancer cells achieve anti-cancer agents, irradiated with radiation, and poison "chemistry". When the threat to life has passed, the task of oncopatients to adapt to new conditions of existence.

The surgery of choice for lung cancer

If the tumor is resectable, doctors recommend to remove it. Leave the malignant lung tissue is impossible, because it poisons the body with toxins, affects healthy organs and metastasizes. In the case of lung cancer surgical resection is effective at the first three stages of the disease. Most frequently perform:

  • lobectomy– excision of one lobe of the lung in localized process;
  • pulmonectomy(removal of right or left lung) in common tumors.

In Israel operate endoscopic access. For this purpose the device of the thoracoscope is introduced through punctures of the sternum and remove diseased tissue. As a result, the patient for one procedure gets rid of cancer without pain, blood loss, scars and the need for long-term rehabilitation after removal of lung cancer.

Breathe deeply

People have no extra bodies, especially vital, therefore, after removal of the lung functionality of the respiratory system is markedly reduced. Before surgery the breathing oncopatients healthy portion of the lungs. After the surgery temporarily reduced supply of oxygen to the body, there is a weakness, shortness of breath, tachycardia.

For the first 6 months, the patient needs supportive therapy:

  • antibiotics;
  • anticoagulants;
  • inhalation;
  • low-frequency magnetotherapy;
  • breathing exercises (restores drainage of the bronchi).

Part of the remote light slowly increases in size and gradually fills the cavity of the chest. Healthy lung lobe starts to work strenuously. Payment takes up to 3 months after resection of a segment up to a year after the complete removal of a lung.

Upon returning home, the first 2-3 months, it is important not to forget about physiotherapy, which the patient learned to do in the hospital.

At the end of the recovery period, patients notice a surge of energy and improved mood. After rehabilitation in Israel in the blood of patients reduced the tumor marker titer and the severity of cancer symptoms.

Rehabilitation complications

After radiotherapy, patients sometimes develop radiation fibrosis – the replacement of cancer tissue with connective tissue. The state requires 2-3 courses restorative therapy at intervals of 3 months.

After treatment lung cancer 10% cancer patients suffer from cardio-pulmonary failure. Weakened lungs are not give heart complications. In this case, the doctor prescribes a maintenance therapy.

Cancer patients are in dire need of psychological support. In addition to the fear of physical death, they suffer from changes in appearance: hair loss, sudden exhaustion, the scars, and their own powerlessness. It is difficult for them to take home and continue to live as before. Psychological adaptation is an important stage of cancer rehabilitation in Israel. Life after cancer center exists, doctors, therapists will teach you how to improve its quality.

Reintegration into the study, the professional sphere and personal life is in this country quickly and painlessly. If you or your family need treatment of lung cancer in Israel – Israel Doktor at your service.

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