Schizophrenia in women – how is manifested the disease and can it be cured?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness, statistically, occur almost equally often in both sexes. The disease is accompanied by a whole range of different defects and personality changes. Symptoms of schizophrenia in women differ from the symptoms seen in men, so many forums of pathology dismantled depending on gender.

Treatment of schizophrenia is best left to a specialist, we recommend that professionals from the hospital mental health Alliance (the

Female symptoms of the disease is characterized by the strength and speed of development, but in General it develops later. Usually some alarm bells in men can be seen already at the age of eighteen years of age, while symptoms and signs in women usually begin to occur only 25 years old. There is a possibility and early development, but this is very rare.

We should also mention the signs of creeping schizophrenia. They differ from other types by the absence of periods of exacerbations. Others, especially unfamiliar with the patients can easily overlook the disease even for decades, without any special tests. As a result, they may seem that schizophrenia began in elderly individuals.

Шизофрения у женщин — хроническое психическое расстройство, которое затрагивает эмоциональную и мыслительную сферу, способствует формированию характерного личностного дефекта
Schizophrenia in women — chronic mental disorder that affects the emotional and mental sphere, contributes to the formation of characteristic personal defect

Why develop a disease?

The symptoms of schizophrenia in women is many occur because of heredity. Scientists have discovered the genes responsible for the development of this disease, so it is quite possible to inherit. However, there is a downside. Several of these genes, so patients parents able to produce healthy offspring, but the disease may manifest itself through the generations.

Please note. According to statistics, 50% of children born to patients with schizophrenia, begin to suffer from the disease in early childhood. If the defective gene is only one parent (e.g., proband – the patient with schizophrenia female), that percentage drops to 14.

Special influence on the development of the disease, having puberty. At this time, the teenager personality can negatively influence factors such as weak maternal instinct, hormonal disturbances and evaluative perception of the world. In particular, many children are dissatisfied with their appearance, resulting in complexes. As a result, approximately to 25-30 years may develop schizophrenia.

The need to understand the symptoms and treatment of this disorder can also appear in those whose family were not carriers of the defective genes. Sometimes people get sick because of factors such as:

  • Problems in the family,
  • Chronic stress
  • The use of alcohol and drugs,
  • Neurotic warehouse person,
  • Phobias,
  • The lack of integrity of the person,
  • Complexes
  • Post-partum depression.

Among the causes of schizophrenia in women 2% of cases are associated with bacteria or viruses. For example, if a person had a viral or bacterial meningitis then later he can show symptoms of the disease.

Начальными признаками психического расстройства может быть появление беспочвенных опасений о наличии какого-то соматического заболевания (ипохондрические жалобы). Женщина может всячески расписывать проявления своей болезни, как правило, фантастической природы
Initial symptoms of mental disorder may be the emergence of unfounded concerns about the presence of any physical illness (hypochondriacal complaints). A woman may want to paint the manifestations of their illness, tend to be fantastic nature

How to recognize schizophrenia in women at an early stage?

The first signs of schizophrenia in women more often become noticeable during the period from twenty to twenty-five years. Although occasionally this can occur in childhood, and, on the contrary, after thirty, it's usually still at the age of about 25 years. To see the schizophrenia in the photo impossible. During the disease, you may notice:

  • The obsessive and delusional ideas,
  • Hallucinations,
  • Flashes of anger and aggression
  • Change areas of interest, their absence,
  • Psychopathic behavior
  • Emotional coldness.

The manifestation of schizophrenia in women at the beginning of the development of the disease can be expressed in the form of obsessive fears that previously the patient was not observed. It can also begin to perform some action that will become a sort of ritual. This is often something absurd, like wiping the chair a certain number of times before you sit on it.

Gradually suffering from schizophrenia begins to go deep into myself, why not see the eye of others on their own actions and personally becomes unable to realize their irrationality. For the beginning of diseases characteristic of hypochondriacal complaints. The patient was confident that she had a somatic disease, often by the very fantastic nature.

Such a woman would actively describe what was happening to her. For example, she may think that crawling inside her worms along the way gnawing their way through organs and tissues. Other common variants – the feeling of rotting viscera and the movement of blood flow in the opposite direction.

Please note. If hypochondria is often associated with reproduction of symptoms in other patients, or after reading it in some source, in this case, all created by the subconscious. Usually such symptoms of sluggish schizophrenia.

Often someone's sudden burst of laughter or to tears is not a serious cause for concern. However, if this became a regular, this unnatural behavior may be a symptom of schizophrenia in women.

Известно, что уже начальная стадия шизофрении характеризуется двумя основными продуктивными симптомами: бред и галлюцинации. Это характерно в равной мере и для мужчин, и для женщин
It is known that the initial stage of schizophrenia is characterized by two main productive symptoms: delusions and hallucinations. This is true equally for men and women

What else should pay attention?

The forum discussed the cases where schizophrenia in women immediately began with strong personal changes. Often the patient States that she sees in the mirror is itself, of some other person. Can she say something like that and just looking at their body parts. It may seem that a leg or a nose, do not belong to her.

The changes will affect and feelings. In addition to wanton aggression, the woman may begin to hate the one you once loved. There is another option – it will simultaneously experience for someone as love and hatred.

To determine the progression of the disease is much easier if the time to notice the woman delusions or hallucinations. Most often, when this disease is encountered and hearing. For example, the patient seems to call her, or she hears people discussing her actions and behavior.

Please note. One of the most common of auditory hallucinations is commenting in two voices, one of which condemns the woman, and the other denies it.

Most of these votes do not represent for the patient a serious risk, but this cannot be said about the imperative auditory hallucinations. If a woman will hear in his head the orders, then it is likely that she will not be able to resist them. As a result, people under the influence can hurt yourself or others.

Отмечается разорванность мышления, резкие остановки посреди фразы или разговора оттого, что смысл и тема разговора полностью потеряны. Постепенно бредовая симптоматика нарастает, выстраиваясь в четкий сюжет
Marked incoherence of thought, abrupt stops in the middle of a phrase or conversation because the meaning and the topic of conversation is completely lost. Delusional symptoms gradually increases, lining up in a clear story

Types of delusions

Delusion is a characteristic symptom for virtually all cases of schizophrenia. However, due to the diversity of its manifestations, it is difficult to distinguish the symptom from the aspects of nature or some other things.

To treat schizophrenia are likely to have those who are faced with the following conditions:

  • Delusions of persecution. Is characterized by assuring the patient that her someone is following or stalking her. It can be as neighbors or work colleagues, and strangers, passers-by behind. The woman may perceive them as secret agents, which ultimately leads to failure of the patient to actually leave the house.
  • Delusions of jealousy. Although jealousy to her man is quite ordinary situation for most women, in this case, the negative has at least any reason. The patient is able to jealous partner brand to anyone. Most often in remission women realize that their thoughts were about.
  • Delusions of control. Despite its strangeness, it is manifested in patients with schizophrenia most often. The delusion of influence is characterized by sensations like someone controlled by the thoughts he puts in new ideas.
  • Nonsense relations. In this case, patients tend to assume that everyone always commenting on their appearance, actions, mistakes, constantly laugh at them and criticize.

Another common type is the nonsense of physical disability. Although dissatisfaction with one's appearance regularly found in healthy people, the development of the disease the search of defects on the absurd. For example, a woman will begin to say that her nose, which in fact is very small, is incredibly large. Slender ladies suddenly decide that they are fat and trying to lose weight can almost completely stop eating.

Бред воздействия является одним из наиболее характерных симптомов шизофрении у женщин. Больной кажется, что ее мыслями кто-то управляет, «вкладывает» их в ее голову с помощью магии, невидимых лучей
The delusion of influence is one of the most characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia in women. The patient think that her thoughts is managed, "invests" them in her head by magic, the invisible rays

Is it possible to cure schizophrenia?

The effectiveness of the treatment largely depends on the stage of schizophrenia. At the initial stage the symptoms only arise on flattened they become apparent, but the most serious and irreversible changes occur only at the stage of the defect. If time does not stop this process, the ability of the attending physician, limited to slowing the disease, but not its elimination.

Лечение шизофрении у женщин должно быть длительным. Этап активной терапии, направленный на ликвидацию острых проявлений болезни, длится, как правило, месяц-два. За ним следует этап стабилизирующего лечения: снижаются дозы применяемых нейролептиков, закрепляется полученный эффект
Treatment of schizophrenia in women should be extended. The active phase of treatment aimed at the elimination of acute manifestations of the disease lasts usually a month or two. Followed by a stabilizing phase of treatment: decrease the dose of the applied doses, the effect is fixed

In the early stages of schizophrenia treated with antipsychotics. In many video also describes about the reception antidepressants, vitamins or nootropics, but all these drugs play only a secondary role. Effect of neuroleptics is aimed primarily at eliminating the hallucinations and delusions, as well as on the suppression of aggression.

Please note. Treatment of paranoid schizophrenia (sometimes referred to as paranoid) is impossible without neuroleptic drugs. Together with them applied means with the brake and sedative effect.

The process of treatment of women from schizophrenia can be divided into several stages. First is the use of drugs for several months. Then the dose is gradually reduced over three months. Subsequently, the woman was prescribed supporting therapy, which have to adhere to at least six months.

Treatment of schizophrenia is not limited to the neuroleptics. The patient will also need assistance in social adaptation and psychotherapy courses. Most recovered, it is difficult to find a job and return to life, they need the support of loved ones.

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