The increase in lymphocytes in the blood of women – the norm or pathology?

The lymphocytes in the body are the structural and functional unit of blood and are responsible for the protection of all organs and systems from malicious-minded bacteria. Elevated lymphocytes in the blood in women is usually seen when the body to penetrate the infection or another malicious agent.

Because of certain physiological characteristics in women, the lymphocytes in the blood can rise for various reasons, some of which are not dangerous for the body, while others point to developing pathological processes. Understand in detail.

Лимфоциты – это форменные элементы крови, которые являются частью иммунной системы
Cells is blood cells that are part of the immune system.

The norm of lymphocytes and its deviation

The increase of lymphocytes is determined on the basis of the analysis of the blood and compares it with the defined standards. For women and men the norm in blood lymphocytes about the same, but the fair sex is acceptable, a slight excess of indicators.

The number of lymphocytes is determined on the basis of absolute and relative values. The absolute index is calculated in terms of lymphocytes per 1 liter of blood, and the relative percentage of these cells to the total cells.

Important! The females Norma lymphocytes in the blood plasma is an absolute indicator – 1,0-4,8, relative, 20-37%.

If the lymphocyte count is exceeded, it most often indicates the presence in the female body malicious agents, which lead to the development of inflammatory processes. Active production of lymphocytes is a normal reaction to the appearance in the body viruses or bacteria.

However, the increased level of lymphocytes in the circulatory system of the body, can be observed with increasing temperature, the deterioration of General health of women in the development of any chronic disease. In this case, after recovery some time the number of these blood cells is not reduced, but gradually getting back to normal.

Features and normal content of lymphocytes in the blood of adult healthy women it is possible to present thus:

  1. the number – 19-37%;
  2. the number – 1,200 – 3,000 x 109/l;
  3. the cell size of 8-10 microns;
  4. shape – round;
  5. the structure is uneven;
  6. color – dark purple;
  7. the cytoplasm in the form of a narrow rim, rarely a wide area, has a blue color;
  8. grit is rare in nature and color – a single purple granules.

Read So as we about the level of lymphocytes in the blood of the childor in the child's urine, comparison table of the rules of lymphocytes in the blood of men, women and children.

На фото пример анализа лимфоцитов на нормы для субпопуляций лимфоцитов периферической крови.
The photo is an example of the analysis of the lymphocytes on the norms for subpopulations of peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Why rising lymphocytes

The level of lymphocytes in the blood of the female body may change due to the effects of some external factors, among which:

  • PMS – increase in lymphocytes in this period is valid;
  • Pregnancy – when carrying a child is changing body, changing hormone levels, metabolic processes, which leads to a decrease of lymphocytes;
Уровень лимфоцитов в крови может повышаться при беременности
lymphocyte levels in the blood may increase during pregnancy
  • Diet and lifestyle – daily stress, unbalanced diet, depression, excessive Smoking may increase the level of lymphocytes.
  • chronic diseases – after the recent diseases in the blood for some time a noticeable increase in lymphocytes.

A slight deviation from normal number of lymphocytes for the foregoing reasons, is not a pathology, and eventually regulated.

In most cases, the excess number of lymphocytes in the blood in women is caused by viruses or infections. The most common reasons why increased lymphocytes in the blood:

  • Viral diseases (herpesthe flu, mononucleosis, hepatitis);
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Bacterial infection (tuberculosis, syphilis, brucellosis);
  • Prolonged use of oral contraceptives;
  • Lead poisoning, arsenic;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • Immunodefitsitnye condition;
  • Removal of the spleen;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system.

The sharp rise in the level of lymphocytes in the blood can be observed in the presence of the body of the virus peel, chicken pox, rubella. After the transfer of these diseases in a woman's body formed a stable immunity to their pathogens.

Please note! The lymphocyte level can be improved dramatically by cancer. This condition is called malignant lymphocytosis, in which the release of blood lymphocytes is associated with the emergence of cancer cells.

To determine the reason for the increase in lymphocytes, it is not enough just to have a blood test – the doctor will prescribe additional research. By themselves the deviations from the norm mean nothing, to judge the cause can only be based on full collection history.

At higher levels of lymphocytes should not self-medicate and to put a diagnosis. If the cause of the lymphocytosis serious, that is not just sun-dried disease can take a chronic course and even be fatal.

На фото пример повышенного уровня лимфоцитов в крови, при анализе в микроскоп.
The photo is an example of the increased level of lymphocytes in the blood, the analysis of the microscope.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

On external signs to determine the presence of lymphocytosis is not possible, because the increase in lymphocytes in the blood is not a disease but only an indicator of blood, indicating the development of pathology.

Therefore, the symptoms of lymphocytosis is directly dependent on the disease causes it. Common clinical signs when lymphocytosis (elevated white blood cell count) with the following:

  • Temperature rise;
Одним из симптомов лимфоцитоза является повышенная температура
One symptom of elevated temperatures lymphocytosis
  • General malaise;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Swollen lymph nodes;
  • Headaches.

When you see these symptoms should consult a physician, who will prescribe the tests will examine the patient and based on the research will establish an accurate diagnosis and determine the treatment regimen at an elevated level of lymphocytes in the blood of women, and if necessary refer on to more specialist.

The doctor will transcribe the data of blood analysis, given other indicators:

  • High level of lymphocytes in the blood, along with the General increase of leukocytes often indicates a failure in the endocrine system or tuberculosis;
  • If the analysis of the blood lymphocytes increased simultaneously with the decrease of neutrophils, then this condition is common when taking certain medicines, or in case of poisoning;
  • A large number of red blood cells and lymphocytes are usually found in heavy smokers.

Please note! The main task of diagnosis is the determination of the type of lymphocytosis associated with malignant changes or external influences. In the first case, changes in the level of lymphocytes can be caused by leukemia, the second – the cause-can be normal SARS.

For an accurate diagnosis of the reasons for the increased level of lymphocytes in the blood, women who may require additional research more advanced tests, ultrasound, radiography, tomography etc.

При диагностировании необходимо выяснить, какой фактор привел к повышению лимфоцитов в крови
When the diagnosis is necessary to find out which factor led to the increase of lymphocytes in the blood

How to adjust the level of lymphocytes in the blood

The increase in the level of lymphocytes is not an independent disease, and therefore the applicable event must relate to the pathology causing the deviation from the norm.

In viral and antibacterial infection, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antibacterial and antiviral medications.

If lymphocytosis is associated with neoplastic causes, treatment is more complex and requires long time. Applied radiation therapy, and in some cases bone marrow transplantation.

For General maintain the level of lymphocytes in the blood of girls should be strengthened immunity – avoid stress, strong physical and emotional overloads, regulate the diet and regimen of the day.

Upon detection of elevated levels of lymphocytes in the blood of women, the main thing – not to self-medicate, in time to see a doctor and follow all medical recommendations, in time to pass examinations and tests.

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