Why pain on my left side lower abdomen in women – causes and treatment

The lower abdomen in women the so-called pelvic pain, usually caused by chronic or acute diseases of various organs, bones, blood vessels, and joints of the pelvic girdle. If pain on my left side lower abdomen in women, it can be associated with gynecological problems and diseases located on the left side the peritoneum of other organs.

Тазовые боли у женщин могут вызываться чаще хроническими или острыми заболеваниями различных внутренних органов
Pelvic pain in women may be caused most often chronic or acute diseases of various internal organs

What hurts in the left side

Pain can appear at left side for diseases of various organs, which are located in this area.

Почему болит левый бок, правый бок и центр внизу живота у женщин, что болит в верхней части живота.
Why pain on my left side, right side and center lower abdomen in women that pain in the upper abdomen.

That might hurt:

  • Spleen. Enlargement of the spleen may provoke pain in the left abdomen, just under the ribs. In chronic course of the disease pain become weak pulling. At rupture of the spleen pain is acute and sharp.
  • Small and large intestines. When inflammatory processes in the intestine there are painful sensations, which can give left in the abdomen, to move smoothly.
  • Urinary system. Colicky left abdominal occur with chronic urolithiasis.
  • kidneys. Inflammation of the kidneys in women, is accompanied not only by pain in the lumbar region, but pain in the abdomen.
  • gastrointestinal organs. Appears in the left side of the abdomen, pain is often a symptom of diseases of the digestive tract. Temporarily such pain can appear with overeating, eating too spicy and fatty foods, abuse of alcohol.

Please note! In the abdominal region most of the organs in the development of pathologies can cause pain of different character in the left region of the abdomen. Only the inflamed appendicitis does not give to the left, this pathology is characterized by a right sided pain.

На фото показаны возможные причины боли в разных частях живота у женщины, жжение в животе и сопутствующие заболевания.
The photo shows the possible causes of pain in different parts of the woman's abdomen, burning in the stomach and comorbidities.

Pain in women found on the left side under the following pathologies:

  • Gynecological disease – 60-70%;
  • Gastroenterology – 50-60%;
  • Urological diseases – 65-90%;
  • Orthopedic pathology – 7-15%.
Боли в левом низу живота могут быть причиной проблем с гастроэнтерологией
Pain in the left lower abdomen may signal problems in the field of gastroenterology

Important! In 70% of patients complaining of pain occurring in the lower abdomen, diagnosed gynecological diseases and pathology of the reproductive system.

Disruption of any of the organs located in the abdomen, may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, if regularly occurring pain in the left lower abdomen on the left or right, it is advisable to consult a doctor to determine the cause and assign timely treatment.

The causes of pain and disease

In women stomach pain left side most likely because of abnormalities of the reproductive system, so the weaker sex should be especially careful when the manifestation of this symptom.

Why stomach pain in women lower left and right, the main causes of pain:

  • Inflammation of the fallopian tubes. The disease causes the following symptoms: a sharp pain in my groin area left and right in lower abdomen, discharge with an unpleasant odor from the vagina, painful periods, fever.
  • endometriosis. Skin cells grow outside the uterus, causing pain. Menstrual cycle when this is violated.
  • The ovarian cyst. Causes severe pain, with rise of temperature.
  • Ovarian rupture. There is a sharp, unbearable pain in the lower. The woman feels attacks tachycardia, pressure greatly reduced, the skin is sharply pale.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. This pathology occurs in the period of 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. Pains are aching, colicky, may spread to the anus. Additional symptoms: pain during urination, dizziness, uterine bleeding, lower pressure paleness of the skin.
  • Menstruation. When menstruation women have quite often stomach ache at the bottom is a very common phenomenon, of course passing through a couple of days. Necessary to sound the alarm only if the painful periods accompanied by unusual or smelly discharge from the vagina. Such signs may indicate the presence of an infection in the genital organs or on the presence of reproductive organs of inflammation.
Менструация также может стать причиной болей в левом боку живота
Menstruation can also cause pain in the left side of the abdomen

Important! With sharp pains, flowing from left to right lower abdomen, usually diagnosed ectopic pregnancy. This is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

When the pain arising in the lower abdomen, the woman should visit a gynecologic office, but if the doctor confirms the presence of pathology, it is necessary to make examination of the spleen and intestinal pathology which can also cause similar symptoms.

Other diseases that can cause abdominal pain in women:

  • Dysfunction of the spleen. Pathology of the spleen usually begins with the onset of pain dull character in the region of the hypochondrium, which gradually spread to the lower abdomen. At the same time the temperature rises, the breathing becomes difficult and painful. For torsion of the spleen pains are sharp and stitching.
  • Diseases of the small and large intestine: Irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal obstruction, oncological diseases, nonspecific ulcerative colitisvolvulus.
  • kidneys. Inflammation of the urinary system often stomach ache at the bottom, sometimes pain radiating to the lower back.

If it hurts the right side in women, this indicates the same disease, that if left pain.

Types of pain in the lower abdomen and associated symptoms

By how evident the pain, and what symptoms accompany her, we can approximately determine the root cause of pain.

Dull dull pain left abdomen. On such feelings often complain of women with gynecological problems. Painful sensations usually occur during sex, menstrual cycle, during the development of inflammation in the genitals. At pathologies of the reproductive organs usually occurs fever, fatigue, weakness. Dull pain may accompany such diseases as varicose veins, hemorrhoids acute inflammation of the bladder, left-sided inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Pain pulling character in the lower abdomen in the adult female. Can occur when purulent inflammation of the pelvis, pain are low intensity and long period. In Oncology nagging pain typically grow with time and accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lymphadenopathy.

Боли тянущего характера часто возникают при гнойных воспалениях малого таза
Pain pulling character often occur with purulent inflammation in the pelvis

Sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Can occur with inflammation or torn ligaments, acute expansion of the bladder, rupture of the ovaries.

Stabbing pains. In diseases of the intestines and kidneys are having cramps in the lower abdomen. Stabbing and shooting pain is a dangerous symptom that may indicate a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Abdominal pain left and right women are not the main symptom, but accompany serious pathology in the internal organs. Pain in diseases accompanied by other symptoms that help to determine the root cause of the pain women:

  • Temperature. Increasing temperature favors the infectious diseases and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, urinary system and intestines.
  • Vomiting and nausea. Accompany pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, characterized by pankreato and cholecysto.
  • Clouding of urine or pain during urination. Occur along with pain in diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Vaginal discharge of unknown nature. Indicate the presence of sexually transmitted infection.
Боли в левом боку живота часто сопровождаются повышенной температурой
Pain in the left side of the abdomen is often accompanied by fever

Pain on the left side during menstruation or during ovulation in the lower abdomen do not cause pathology and are of themselves within a few days.

What to do with pain in the side

The appearance of pain in the lower abdomen on the left in women may signal the development of serious pathologies of the body. Therefore it is not necessary to limit pain relief drug is the only temporarily relieve pain, but will not eliminate the cause of its appearance, and in some cases even harm.

How to act if you experience pain in the lower abdomen – first aid:

  • To take the most comfortable position to ease the pain.
  • Before the arrival of the doctor to remember all the accompanying pain symptoms.
  • An ambulance should be called in the event of a sharp intense pain that lasts for more hours and if the pain is accompanied by persistent vomiting, abrupt temperature rise, diarrhea.
  • If after 2-3 days the pain in my side do not disappear, the woman should visit gynecologist. In the absence of pathology of the reproductive organs, a visit to the infectious diseases, gastroenterologistthe surgeon.
  • Not to take painkillers – this may complicate the accurate diagnosis.

Even if flank pain is not severe, but occur regularly is a reason to visit the doctor in time to prevent the development of serious pathologies.

In the video transmission Live healthy, understand the question, why is pain on my left side lower abdomen in the adult female.

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