Why swollen legs and ankles how to deal with it?

Unpleasant sensations in the extremities to the end of the day – has long been a familiar symptom for the modern man. Many often do not pay attention even when there is swelling in the ankle foot. And yet, it can be not only a symptom of the usual tired legs, but an indicator of diseases lurking in the body.

Распространенная причина таких отеков – это любые перенесенные ранее инфекции ног, проблемы с щитовидной железой, тромбы, венозная недостаточность в хронической форме и варикоз
Common cause of edema is any history of earlier infection of the feet, problems with the thyroid gland, blood clots, venous insufficiency in the chronic form, and varicose veins

Main reasons

  • A long standing. The simplest reason that can be addressed quickly and independently, is the wearing of uncomfortable shoes and a long standing on his feet. People who, because of their profession spend a lot of time on my feet, in the evening there is swelling of the ankles. This symptom often affects the sellers, cashiers, the people working at the conveyor, and others. The long sitting can also be swelling, as in a forced permanent or not very comfortable position occurs venous or lymphatic edema. Swelling at the same time manifested, as a rule, synchronously and on the right and on the left leg.The same can be observed from the people making the long journey. To resolve this problem, it is necessary every 30-40 minutes to change position, to make a few steps or do a little workout. For the elderly, making a long flight, it is desirable to lock the lower leg with an elastic bandage.
  • Pregnancy. Very often this symptom is observed among the mothers. There is nothing wrong, and this phenomenon is easily explained – in pregnant women due to the increase of the uterus compressed by the inferior Vena cava, which disturbed venous outflow. In this period a woman's body tends to accumulate more and more fluid, which accumulates in the lower extremities. In principle, swelling in pregnancy is normal, almost mandatory, though, and delivers some discomfort. If this question bothers you, feel free to discuss it with your doctor. To help yourself in this case in a simple way – often to rest your legs. While sitting to put less legs, as this also hampers the blood flow. In hot weather, you can apply cold compresses for the feet.

    Отеки появляются из дополнительной крови, которая появляется у женщины во время беременности
    Swelling during pregnancy is quite a common and normal phenomenon

  • Uncomfortable shoes. Another common cause of unpleasant phenomena in ankles, feet. Usually ease Shoe is given less attention than the beauty and her appearance, and it is understandable why swollen feet in women who love to wear shoes with heels. Often, selecting the most appropriate shoes for daily wearing or sports, you may find yourself with swelling of ankles.
    Обувь обязательно должна быть удобной, а не только красивой - помните об этом
    Shoes have to be comfortable and not just beautiful – remember that

    Important! It is very important to choose the footwear which will be comfortable for a long time. This is especially true of sports. Plenty of brands offers many lines of comfortable, specially designed for active sports shoes. Pay attention to it.

  • An insect bite. Sometimes in the warm season you can even unwittingly be the victim of the bite of a poisonous insect. It can attack quietly, while walking in the Park or just outdoors. As a rule, in this case, the affected feet. So, if you see swelling on the foot, the ankle, reddish skin tone, and even miss the itch or see on the site of the swelling of the bite mark, most likely a consequence of encounters with these insects. Primarily in this case it is necessary to remove puffiness. To do this, a piece of ice wrapped in cloth and applied to the swollen place. You can also use an alcohol solution to wipe the affected area. Try not to brush and not to touch the bite – this will only aggravate the situation. To accelerate healing and relieve the unpleasant symptoms you can use special medicines, for example, ointment Kremen, etc.

    Attention! If you suspect an insect bite in parallel with the swelling of the fever, there is weakness, confusion, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor!

  • Tensile, fracture. In this injury the swelling appears immediately, as is bleeding. Especially sharply felt the pain when you try to turn the foot inward. The same symptom (swelling) is characteristic for closed fracture. In such a situation it is better not to self-medicate, and try rather to deliver the patient to the traumatologist. The maximum that can be done is to wrap the ankle with an elastic bandage to fix it.

    При растяжении связок отек стопы возникает сразу же и сопровождается кровоподтеком и сильной болью
    For sprains swelling of the foot occurs immediately and is accompanied by bruising and severe pain

The disease, which they say swelling of the ankles

The causes of edema of the ankles may not be so harmless. Sometimes this is a serious signal about the internal pathology that requires treatment.

  1. Obesity. Swelling of the ankle often affects overweight people. Excess weight puts extra pressure and feet, and veins of the abdomen and pelvis. Due to this increased pressure in the blood vessels and the liquid penetrates into the soft tissue. Lack of physical activity triggers accumulation of blood in the lower body, and the pressure in leg veins is further enhanced. All these factors lead to swelling of the ankles at overweight people. To get rid of this unpleasant symptom and a number of other health problems, it is advisable to lose weight and increase their physical activity.

    Постарайтесь сбросить лишний вес. Большой живот приводит к повышению внутрибрюшного давления и, как следствие, сдавливанию подвздошных вен, по которым оттекает кровь от нижних конечностей
    Try to lose weight. Big belly leads to increased intra-abdominal pressure and, as a consequence, compression of the iliac vein, which is draining blood from the lower extremities

  2. Diabetes. Defeat large and small vessels occurs when multi-system violation as a carbohydrate, and other types of metabolism in the human body. When this diagnosis should begin treatment until the swelling of the feet, as this symptom indicates an early stage of development of the diabetic foot.
  3. Heart. Swelling can signal a dangerous internal problems, such as congestive heart failure. If there are other suspicious symptoms of this body, do not delay your visit to the doctor! We are talking about maintaining not only health but also life! When heart problems edema occur most often on the lower limbs and appear in the evening.
  4. Failure of the kidneys leads to disruption of water and electrolyte balance, causing vascular permeability increases in tissues accumulate fluid. If swelling – the consequence of kidney problems, it usually occurs in the upper body and face. But in the advanced stage of the disease can swollen legs.
  5. Lymphedema, whether lymphedema. In this pathology there is a violation of the outflow of lymph from limbs. Often in the process, this affects the vessels of the legs. Due to the accumulation of lymph in the tissues of the ankles and lower legs formed a dense swelling. If you do not control the process and not treat the cause, it can lead to the development of elephant disease.
  6. varicosity. Fairly common pathology that causes swelling of the legs in men and women. This is a characteristic symptom of venous insufficiency, vein disease of the lower extremities. It can be manifested both on the right and on the left ankle. This happens because the failure of the valve device prevents the normal progress of venous blood to the heart through the vessels.

    Только помощь квалифицированного специалиста поможет избавиться от отеков и других проявлений варикоза
    Only a qualified person will help to get rid of the swelling and other manifestations of varicose veins

  7. Infection. In infectious lesions of the skin in the ankle area causes inflammation and swelling of tissues. As a result, diseases such as abscesses, abscesses and some other skin diseases.
  8. Tumor. Due to various factors (load, heredity, exercise) may develop swelling in the ankle area – a ganglion cyst. While growing articular tissue and the cavity fills protein liquid with mucus and fibroids. Formed where there are joint bags (the ankle area in particular). As a rule, education is painless. However, palpation can feel a bit of pain. To the touch the tumor may be soft and elastic, or dense. Over time it increases, but grows very slowly. The skin at the site of education can blush to harden and start to peel off.

    Important! It should be understood that the ganglion cyst is not just an inflammatory process that will take place soon, and pathology, in which changes of the connective tissue cells.

    So if you find a single or multiple tumor without much sensitivity, it is better to consult a doctor.

  9. Inflammation. In diseases of the ankle and knee joints (arthrosis, arthritis), there is swelling of the ankle, not only as a consequence of the inflammatory process, but also as a result of improper distribution of load on the joint.
  10. Thrombosis. Occurs during the formation in the vessel of a blood clot (thrombus) due to the narrowing or complete blockage of the vessel. When that is disrupted blood flow, the leg is badly swollen, there is severe pain. This may develop inflammation of the vein (thrombophlebitis).
  11. Medication. Swelling of the ankles can occur as a side effect when taking antidepressants, hormonal agents, anti-hypertensive (lowering blood pressure) drugs.
Отек может быть разной степени. При тяжелых следует незамедлительно обращаться к врачу
Edema can be of different degrees. In severe should immediately contact the doctor


OK, what if swelling of ankles, the question immediately arises: what to do and how to treat it? If the tumor does not disappear after the rest, and it is not caused by a large fluid intake (especially at night), in addition there are other suspicious symptoms, you should consult a doctor. To identify the causes may be assigned to the following diagnostic measures:

  • General blood analysis
  • Analysis of urine
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and kidneys
  • Ultrasound of the blood vessels and veins of the lower extremities
  • Electrocardiogram

По результатам диагностики может понадобиться консультация кардиолога, нефролога, phlebologist, диетолога, trauma. Врачи же назначают правильное лечение.


In parallel with the treatment of the causes of swelling, you can perform a set of guidelines that will help to remove the unpleasant symptom. Among them:

  • Reducing the amount of fluid intake
  • Regular rises feet above the level of the heart morning and evening
  • The putting a pillow under your feet at night, that they were at an angle of 30 degrees
  • Placing the insoles in the shoes for flat feet
  • Mandatory breaks every 40 minutes during long periods of standing, lifting and steps with a long seat
  • The adoption of salt baths for the feet
  • Decrease of consumed amount of salt
  • The use of a contrast shower
  • Choice comfortable shoes
  • Performing a foot massage
  • Reducing weight in case of obesity
  • The use of physical therapy
Для снятия отечности стараться приподнять ноги выше уровня сердца, это улучшит не только циркуляцию крови по поврежденным тканям, а также нормализует процессы выработки и оттока лимфы
To relieve swelling you should try to lift the leg above heart level – this will not only improve blood circulation in the damaged tissue but also normalizes the processes of generation and flow of lymph

In addition, the treatment of edema, it is important to refuse from sweet, flour, salty and refined foods, smoked and canned. You should also stop Smoking and alcohol.


For the treatment of edema often prescribed drugs-diuretics, displays the excess fluid from the body. If the swelling caused by heart failure, problems with the kidneys and other abnormalities, the doctor will prescribe special medications aimed at treatment of diseases.


The following exercises help to relieve swelling in the ankles and remove the discomfort.

  1. Sharp flexion and extension of the toes
  2. Walking on your toes for two minutes
  3. Lifting her bare feet small items
  4. The clenching and rastarivanie toes
  5. Execution of rotational movements with the feet
  6. Stand on toes and jumping on his toes. It is also useful to walk on the toes
  7. Grip toe and heel to the floor alternately
  8. Rise of the sock, put one foot to the other
Занятия лечебной физкультурой значительно улучшают кровообращение в организме
Therapeutic exercise significantly improves blood circulation in the body

Traditional methods

Effective against swelling of ankles show itself, and folk remedies.

  1. The glass is washed and crushed root of parsley is filled with 0,5 of boiling water and infused for 10 hours in a dark, dry place. Drain, add freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 fruit) for 3 days to drink one third of a Cup per day.
  2. To pick birch leaves and put them in linen bags. To walk in it and keep for 4 hours. Already colt second procedure, the swelling significantly reduced.
  3. In a chopped medium onion add 100g of sugar. Mix and allow to stand for 12 hours. After a time, squeeze the juice and drink it every day for 30 grams on an empty stomach.
  4. Sea salt (0.5 Cup) pour 2 litres of warm water. Dampen a towel in the solution and apply to ankles. To perform the procedure within 10 days.
  5. Mix color lime, black elderberry, nettles, peppermint and calamus root. Take 30 g of the mixture, pour in boiling water (0.5 l) and remove from heat. To insist under the plate approximately 1 hour. Cool, strain and drink 2 times a day 100 ml after eating.
  6. Son-in-law 10 grams of Astragalus, pour 300 ml of boiling water, drain. Drink 3 tablespoons for 14 days.

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