Best cure for flu and colds – the list specifications, prices. First aid

During the annual colds and influenza epidemics, the problem of choosing a good drug for these diseases is particularly acute. Manufacturers vying to offer effective medicines against colds and flu, and to deal with such diversity is very difficult, but there are basic, most effective medicines. Proper first aid for colds and flu, is an important early treatment of the disease.

Какой препарат на каком этапе простудного заболевания эффективнее принимать?
Which drug at what stage colds more effective to take?

If you decide to buy any medication, the medication as advised by your doctor, and yourself, note that each drug has specific indications and contraindications for use, acts on a particular symptom of colds and flu, or eliminates the immediate cause of the disease.

You've probably already heard that with SARS and influenza mild and moderate severity can help such a wonderful drug as Oscillococcinum. It strengthens immunity and restores health.

However, in order to Oscillococcinum brought your body the maximum benefit, you must read the instructions. Remember: any drug helps only if used correctly, so don't be lazy to read it.

How to choose a cheap but high-quality and effective drug from colds alone, and what you should know about modern medicine against colds and flu? How to distinguish flu from a cold? It knows not everyone. First of all you should find out what is called influenza, and that – a cold. Now a look.

Flu and colds – the main differences

The flu is a viral infection of the body. It progresses rapidly in the body. It can be transmitted as it is transmitted through the air. Usually in the cold season the distribution of the various forms of influenza increases, occur of the epidemic.

The main symptoms of flu:

  1. The first indication that a person has the flu, is a high body temperature. It can go up to 39 or 40 degrees. High temperature suggests that there is an infestation of the body with the virus.
  2. Typically, the patient will start to hurt muscles and aching bones.
  3. In humans occurs usually expressed as weakness.

The body fights the virus, so body temperature rises. But the General condition of the patient much worse. He can't get out of bed. Flu can be accompanied by headache, dryness and cough. This disease had similar symptoms with a cold. In order to know how to distinguish flu from colds, it should be remembered that the first disease may be different. Which virus infected the human body, these symptoms of the disease and will be visible. For example, there are cases when manifested by only one characteristic. For example, it may be increased body temperature. It can be kept for several days without showing other symptoms. And in some cases, there is a whole set of complications.

The main symptoms of colds:

The common cold is a disease of the body associated with hypothermia. Usually it is easily treated. But for advanced forms can navigate to other more serious diseases. That is, the flu is sharply manifested in the human body, and a cold usually begins with a slight indisposition.

  1. Lesion of the mucous membrane of the nose. The person starts to sneeze, appear runny nose and swelling.
  2. The common cold is cough. In the respiratory tract appear phlegm and mucus.
  3. When a person has a cold, the body temperature rises to 38 degrees and above. This is a normal immune response to infections that hit the body.

Usually a cold starts with a little runny nose. Then the temperature rises, then begins coughing. All processes occur gradually. Cough is usually present for a few days. Then all the symptoms go away. As a rule, after a week the person is fully recovered and can return to normal life. Here's how to distinguish the flu from a cold.

First aid for the flu – as not to interfere with your immunity

In the first days of the onset of symptoms of influenza and colds it is best to do the following activities:

  • To drink vitamin Cimmediately 5 tablets, then 2 in the course of the disease
  • To take 1-2 pills stimulate the processes of immunity;
  • Before bedtime drink vitamin sedative infusion: 100 g red wine, strong black tea, jam with raspberries mixed and ingested. The feet should be warm socks.
  • Warm foot bath, after which to wear warm socks with mustard and go to bed.
  • The rest of the rash. It is recommended to stay home for at least 5 days. If the disease is not to move in bed, can lead to chronic illnesses.
  • To avoid stressful situations.
  • Frequent use of warm fluids. Preferably fruit drinks, vitamin teas. An acidic environment adversely affects harmful microorganisms.
  • Food should be easy to understandbut at the same time nutritious.

Take care of your health! Strengthen the immune system!

Immunity this is a natural reaction which protects our body from bacteria, viruses, etc. To improve the tone better to use natural adaptogens.

It is important to maintain and strengthen the body, not just the absence of stress, proper sleep, nutrition and vitamins, but with the help of natural herbal remedies.

What you need to know when choosing a cold medicine

Before you buy a cure for colds and flu, you must ensure its safety and effectiveness. This should be the official tool has been medically proven therapeutic effect.

On the shelves of the pharmacies have emerged in recent years a large number of the widely advertised dietary Supplements and substandard generics of known drugs with supposedly strong antiviral effect. Receiving these drugs not only will not have the desired therapeutic effect, but also can lead to adverse complications. Because, of course, it is better to entrust the choice of medication the doctor, but if this is not possible, you should choose the only proven and quality product, not Saras on cheap imitations.

Как правило, эффективные препараты стоят дорого, но существует ряд лекарств с тем же действующим веществом по более приемлемой цене. Поинтересуйтесь об этом у фармацевта или врача
Generally effective for colds are expensive, but there are a number of drugs with the same active substance at a more reasonable price. Ask about this from a pharmacist or doctor.

All medications for colds and flu can be divided into three broad groups, each of which has a certain effect on the body, helping to overcome disease:

  1. Medication, treating the symptoms. This is the most extensive category of medicines that help to cope with the manifestations of colds (cough, fever, headache, nasal congestion, etc.). They do not eliminate the cause of the disease, but greatly facilitate its flow.
  2. antiviral agents – apply, if the disease is caused by a virus. Medicine fight directly with the virus, inhibit the development of the disease and increase the resistance of cells to exposure to pathogens.
  3. Immunomodulatory agent. Medications adjust and strengthen the body's defenses to fight infection.

The most popular antiviral drugs and immunomodulators which , if you believe the advertising, quickly eliminate the disease and are a great preventive measure against colds and flu. But most used drugs in this group are used only 10-15 years, so doctors don't undertake to judge about possible complications in the future from taking such drugs. Such antiviral drugs and immunomodulators have side effects and therefore should be used with caution, especially for certain categories of people – elderly, children, pregnant and lactating women, individuals, particularly those with serious comorbidities.

Eliminate the cause: antiviral drugs

Antiviral drugs are the most effective medications for colds and flu because they suppress the cause of the disease – a virus that weakens its manifestations and not allowed to breed. Universal tool vast all kinds of viruses and strains of flu have not yet been developed, but currently most antiviral drugs are able to cope with influenza viruses A and B.

A list of available, inexpensive, and effective antiviral drugs against influenza virus strains A and b:

List Description average price
Rimantadin (tablets, syrup for children) Inexpensive medicine is aimed at suppression of the virus influenza A. effective against viral infections confirmed clinically. Helps to quickly relieve inflammation, alleviates symptoms, reduces the risk of complications in 5-6 times. 50 RUB (tablets)
Ribavirin (trade name Rebetol, Aviron, Ribamidil, Virazole) Designed for prevention and treatment of influenza strains A and B. Reduce duration of illness. Has several side effects: nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, shortness of breath. 130-250 RUB.
Arʙidol (capsule) Inhibits the action of pathogens like SARS, strains of influenza b and A, improves the immune system. It is used to prevent colds and flu, and to treat them.

Patients reported the emergence of a number of side effects in the drug. Reviews on antiviral action Arbidol – contradictory (the part of the patients confirms the effect of the drug, part, considers it useless).

180-450 ( depending on the number of capsules)
Tamiflu Swiss drug that can suppress the action of strains A and b (useless with SARS). The drug is quite toxic and can cause side effects similar to symptoms of flu. Not effective as a prophylactic agent. 1200-1350 RUB.
İngavirin The drug quickly reduces symptoms of flu and colds, reduce the duration of the disease. Effective against virus strains A and b, respiratory adenovirus infection, parainfluenza. Has a minimum of contraindications. 380-420 RUB.

Well proven in the fight against viruses with homeopathic remedies: Oscillococcinum, Vibrocil, AfluʙinFlu-gel, Ergofyeron. They do not have an immediate effect like other antiviral drugs, but long-term therapy to effectively suppress the virus and reduce the symptoms of the disease. Their advantage is the safety and absence of side effects, making them attractive for categories such as children, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people.

Important! Antivirals are effective if they start taking in the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. After 3-5 days of illness drugs will not bring the expected therapeutic effect.

Противовирусные препараты целесообразно принимать на самых ранних стадиях заболевания - при первых признаках
Antiviral drugs it is advisable to take at the earliest stages of the disease – at the first sign

The most effective antiviral drug considered a cure for colds and flu a new generation on the basis of neuraminidase inhibitors – Oseltamivir (tablets) and Zanamivir (powder for inhalation). Medications quickly cropped symptoms of a cold, cope with the strains of influenza b and A, are well proven as a preventative means. The only drawback of these drugs is the high price: Oseltamivir will cost 650 rubles per pack, Zanamivir, from 1039 RUB (5 mg).

На фото таблетки "Озельтамивир" - лекарство от гриппа и простуды нового поколения на основе ингибиторов нейраминидазы.
The photo pills “Oseltamivir” – a cure for flu and colds new generation on the basis of neuraminidase inhibitors.
На фото порошок для ингаляций "Занамивир" (Relenza) - лекарство от гриппа и простуды нового поколения на основе ингибиторов нейраминидазы.
The photo is a powder for inhalation “Zanamivir” (Relenza) is a medicine for flu and colds new generation on the basis of neuraminidase inhibitors.

Fighting disease: immunomodulators and interferons

Immunomodulatory agent and interferons destroy the causative agent, while maintaining the cells of the body, prevent the spread of infection. In combination with anti-inflammatory drugs, enhance the effect of the latter, allowing you to quickly cope with the disease flu and colds common cold.

Immunomodulators the flu and colds

In medical practice it is customary to apply an immunostimulating drug only in case of severe infections when organism is unable to cope with the cause of the disease or inflammation. During epidemics of influenza and SARS immunomodulators indicated as a prophylactic agent.

Иммуностимулирующие средства применяются только в случае тяжелых инфекций - Цитовир-3, Кагоцел, Тилорон.
Immunostimulant preparations are used only in case of serious infections Citovir-3 Kagocel, Tilorona.

Please note! Self-administration of immunomodulators without prescription in the acute phase of the disease will be useless, and at worst will cause serious complications in the body.

3 popular immunomodulatory drug:

  • Cidovir-3 (price 300-550 roubles). In addition to the antiviral action of the flu has immunomodulatory effect. Reduces the symptoms of colds and inflammatory processes, increases resistance to viral infections.
  • Kagotsyel (price – 190-300 RUB). Has a complex action: kills viruses and at the same time strengthens the immune system. Effective for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu. Of the side marked by small infections allergic reactions.
  • Tilorona (from 680 rubles). The new antiviral agent has a deleterious effect on the cells of the virus, disrupting their reproduction, and also increases the body's immune defenses. The drug is used for treatment of any respiratory viral infections.

Interferons in influenza and the common cold

Medications act on the basis of inductors of interferon – stimulate the production in the human body certain types of proteins that contribute to the suppression of infectious agents of the flu virus and colds.

Интерфероны – стимулируют выработку в организме человека определенных видов белков
Interferons – stimulate the production in the human body certain types of proteins that counteract viruses.

The most efficient and not expensive cough and flu remedies:

  • Amiksin (600 rubles) is a powerful tool for lifting immunity and in the fight against viruses. No is a toxic agent and well tolerated. Contraindicated in children under 7 years and pregnant women.
  • Viferon (250-800 RUB) – comes in the form of suppositories, for this reason is often administered to children, starting from the first years of life. The medication is well tolerated and has few contraindications. Effective in viral flu and colds.
  • Tsikloferon (180 rubles). Effective in the treatment of SARS herpes and flu, produced in the form of ointment, solution for injections, tablets. Allowed to receive from the age of four. Of the side effects were only minor allergic reactions.
  • Anaferon adult and Anaferon children (200 RUB). Tablets with immunostimulatory and antiviral effect. Reduce the risk of complications, quickly eliminate the disease symptoms of colds and flu. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Inferon and Hryppferon (260 RUB.). Issued in the form of nasal drops. Inhibit the proliferation of influenza viruses, penetration by airborne droplets, and stimulate the immune system. Differ relative safety allowed for pregnant women and children.

Among the immunomodulators are the drugs that should be used only by the doctor-immunologist (Imudon, IRS-19, Immunol, methyl uracil). These drugs are forbidden to use alone in the treatment of viral diseases.

Eliminate symptoms of flu: symptoms medication

Drugs to relieve symptoms of colds and flu are a great addition to essential drugs against influenza and colds. They do not stimulate the immune cells and cannot fight viruses, but quickly eliminate respiratory and intoxication symptoms.

These include medicines with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, vasoconstrictor, antitussive, tonic effect.

Antipyretic medications for colds and flu

The usual and time-tested remedy for fever with a cold is "paracetamol"that has virtually no side effects and is inexpensive. Based on paracetamol, created a lot of flu and cold cash: "Ferveks", "panadol for relief", "Efferalgan", "Theraflu", "Rinza", "Koldreks"etc. (recommended for use in adults).

Popular drugs based on ibuprofen, which in addition to excellent anti-inflammatory action reduce temperature. This – Nurofen, ibuprofen, Ibuklin.

Please note! Antipyretics are recommended to take at temperatures above 38-39 degrees and not more than four times a day.

The third popular group of fever-reducing medicine for colds and elevated temperature, are medications based on acetylsalicylic acid. These drugs have a number of contraindications and their use is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Cure for sore throat

Irritation, scratchy and inflammation in the throat help to eliminate pastilles, lozenges and sprays, including on the basis of menthol and freezing effects.

Лекарства от боли в горле
Cure for sore throat

What medications are the most effective:

By nasal congestion and runny nose

Treatment of flu and colds not do without nasal drops – medicines help to relieve swelling in the nose, eliminate inflammation, ease breathing.

Назальные капли - снимают отечность в носу, облегчают дыхание
Eye drops – relieve swelling in the nose, ease breathing

The most popular drugs blocked nose:

Additionally, the doctor may recommend the use of antihistamines drugs that will help with the itching, swelling of the mucous membranes, inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx (Chlorpheniramine, Pheniramine).

Medicines for children from colds and flu

Children often begin to believe that the most flu and cold medications. So before you stuff the child with drugs, you should visit a doctor if the disease slightly, the pediatrician is likely to advise you to do without medical treatment, limiting the adherence and application of folk methods.

Прежде, чем начинать лечение ребенка, следует проконсультироваться с врачом
Before starting the treatment of the child, you should consult a doctor

If the disease is caused by viruses, the treatment will be based on the use of antiviral drugs:

With the heat will help to manage children's products based on paracetamol or ibuprofen – panadol for relief, Nurofen, ibuprofen. With a cough will help – Doktor Mom (pastilles) and syrup Geelix, and nasal congestion will eliminate pinosol and Vibrocil.

What should be in the medicine Cabinet for colds and flu

A large variety of drugs for colds and flu, presents the buyer a wide selection of medicines. Do not chase advertised means, it is sufficient to concentrate on the most necessary and proven effective drugs that will help to provide first aid for colds, viral diseases influenza strains A and B.

Rating drugs for colds and flu (what should be):

Scope Names effective drugs Analogues of expensive drugs for colds
For the prevention of disease Kagotsyel, Hryppferon, Anaferon children Echinacea tincture, oxolinic ointment
For quick relief of cold symptoms Viferon, Rinza, Koldreks Maxicold, Star Of T
To combat the virus Oscillococcinum, Vibrocil, Afluʙin ibuprofen, Rimantadine
antipyretics Children's Panadol, Nurofen, Friends Paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid
vasoconstrictor Immediately, Vibrocil, Otryvyn Naftizin, Rinorus Galazolin
Sore throat Grameen, Faringosept, Strepsils Chlorophyllin, a solution of calendula (for rinsing)
From cough Lazolvan, Gerbion, Doctor Pertussin, liquorice root, Mukalla, Ambroxol

It is believed that the easiest way to quickly regain health – medications, and according to the principle "the more – the better". Doctors warn that this approach is wrong: the body has a certain set of immune and defensive forces, which from the constant medication is depleted. So do not uncontrollably to absorb everything cure for flu and colds, and it is better to consult a doctor who will advise on one or two effective in your case, drugs, or simply give recommendations on how to cure the disease without medicines, folk remedies, at home.

In the video the pharmacist knows how to cure the common cold.

На фото примеры лекарств при лечении ОРЗ и ОРВИ.
For photo examples of medications in the treatment of ARI and ARI.
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