How to cure a stye at home in 1 day – the most effective means

Watery eyes, swollen eyelids, constant itching – all of these unpleasant symptoms familiar to those who have had a stye. This inflammatory process causes a lot of inconvenience and makes the search for ways how to quickly cure a sty, without resorting to medical assistance.

Emergency therapy of barley outside and inside the eyelid will help, as the people's unconventional methods of treatment, conservative and most effective medications, drops that you can use at home.

Ячмень на глазу - это заболевание, которое доставляет человеку массу дискомфорта
Barley century eye is a disease which gives the person a lot of discomfort.

Treatment of barley folk remedies

Before to treat barley century eye, it is necessary to determine at what stage is the inflammatory process. The choice of treatment depends on the stage of the disease. At the beginning of the emergence of barley, when there is a slight tingling sensation, slight redness and discomfort in the area of century, can be cured by barley house quickly even in a day, with the help of two basic ways:

  1. Cautery century antiseptic;
  2. Dry heat.

The external treatment of barley century

To ablate barley will need a q-tip or a small torontoca of wool, and he antiseptic to choose from:

  • The alcohol camphor;
  • Brilliant green;
  • Medical alcohol diluted with water (1:1);
  • Iodine.

A swab moistened in antiseptic solution, after which the affected area prizhivaetsya for a few seconds. This procedure can be performed several times a day. The main condition is that the cauterization should be performed on a closed eyelid to avoid contact with an antiseptic in the eye.

You can try to cauterize the maturing barley with a slice of garlic, which has strong antiseptic effect. Enough to cut the clove of garlic in half and apply to the inflammation. But this method is unsafe because it can burn the skin on the eyelid.

Century warming can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Boiled hard boiled egg wrapped in clean cotton cloth and applied for 4-6 minutes to the site of inflammation.
  • Salt is heated in a pan and placed in a small pouch (or regular socks).
  • Hot boiled potatoes put in a thick cloth and apply to barley.
  • Bay leaves pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. The sheet is removed from the boiling water and apply to the affected eyelid until it cools and then take the next leaf and repeat the procedure.
  • Onions cut into rings and place on a pan with vegetable oil. As soon as the onion warms up to put it on a cotton cloth and apply to the affected area.
Теплыми чайными пакетиками и вареным яйцом можно прогревать ячмень на глазу, для быстрого выздоровления
Warm tea bags and boiled egg you can warm up the stye for a quick recovery.

The heating is carried out up to that time, until the compress cools off.

Please note! Dry heat is effective only at an early stage of development of barley. It is impossible to warm up the barley, if the abscess has matured and the disease is severe (with fever, General deterioration of health).

Treatment of internal stye under the eyelid

Internal stye also treated with warming, but the manipulation will need to spend longer periods of time, and instead of burning lotions and compresses.

How to treat barley on the lower or the upper eyelid of the eye using lotions, natural home remedies & recipes:

  • Tea brew from barley. To quickly cure the barley, make a strong infusion of tea is an old folk method of therapy. It can be used just for eye wash or dip in the drink a cotton infusion and to make lotions for sore eyes. Compresses of tea kept on the eye for about 15-20 minutes, the procedure is repeated 4-5 times a day.
  • Chamomile for lotion. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and healing properties in traditional medicine. Boiling water pour two teaspoons of dry herbs and give a little brew. On the patient eye making lotion 3-5 times daily for 7-10 minutes.
  • Aloe Vera juice from eye stye. Aloe leaves have a draining and anti-inflammatory effect in many human diseases. A small piece of aloe cut into small pieces and squeeze out the juice. Mix the aloe juice with clean boiled water and let stand about 8 hours. Infusion soaked in a cotton pad to attach to the barley 3-4 times a day.
  • Fennel to relieve inflammation. Fennel seeds help relieve swelling and eliminate redness on the inflamed area. A couple of tablespoons of fennel seeds grind in a mortar and cover with cold water (2 cups). Bring to simmer the mixture to a boil, and then cool. Using the infusion can wash the patient eye or to make on the basis of his packs.
  • Calendula for inflammation. To prepare an infusion of calendula recipe from the people: a Cup of boiling water poured a tablespoon of blossoms and infuse for half an hour. Cotton pads soaked in tincture of calendula applied to the patient of eyes .
Сок алоэ - это уникальное лекарство, которое поможет вылечить и ячмень на глазу взрослых и детей.
Aloe Vera juice is a unique medicine that will help cure the stye adults and children.

If the stye appeared on the lower eyelid, to treat all eye area so that the infection does not spread further. On the upper eyelid procedure should be carried out in a closed eye, not to hurt the mucous membrane of the eye.

Please note! All the gadgets, washing and cauterization are carried out only until such time as the abscess is ripe!

Treatment of folk remedies and methods can be carried out in the complex. For example, after washing century, or the imposition of lotions should undertake a procedure of heating or burning of barley. It will help to quickly cure the barley in a few days.

When the abscess all home treatments should stop and seek medical treatment of barley, before turning to the doctor, the optometrist.

Drug therapies, drops

Medical treatment medications most often used in the case when the barley is ripe or broke. For the effective treatment of barley are used drops and ointments with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. They are easy to use and is not time consuming in application.

The best eye drops when the barley in the upper or lower eyelid is:

  • Levomicetin is antimicrobial and disinfectant agent used in a ripe abscess.
  • Alibutsid he actively fights bacteria, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Tobreks and Ciprolet is the antibiotic that possesses strong anti-inflammatory effect, but have side effects.
  • Penicillin, Erythromycin, ciprofloxacinGentamicin is a solution of antibiotics for instillation in the eye.
Чаще всего врачи советуют использовать для лечения ячменя глазные капли
Most doctors advise to use to treat stye eye drops.

Regime of eye drops and their dose is determined individually for each drug, usually from three to six times a day.

The best eye ointment for the barley on the upper or lower eyelid:

  • Tetracycline ointment and Eritromicina the most popular tools that are used from the initial stage of the ripening of barley to its full opening.
  • Vishnevsky ointment – the product is applied to the piece gauze, which is fixed by the patch at the site of inflammation for a few hours.
  • hydrocortisone ointment and phlox – used twice a day, applied directly on the sore eyelid.

Ointment is often applied to the night: on clean hands squeezed 3-4 drops, while your free hand is drawn eyelid and is lubricated by the affected area.

Глазная мазь "Тетрациклин" - одно из самых популярных средств для лечения ячменя около глаза.
Eye ointment “tetracycline” one of the most popular and the best remedies to treat stye around eyes.

Important! Read the instructions in the application of various medications – some of them have side effects and can harm rather than cure.

Before reception of preparations on the eyelid, it is desirable to consult a doctor.

How to treat a child barley

If your child has the first signs of barley to the affected eyelid must be applied dry heat – a small bag of salt or boiled egg. This will help to relieve swelling and reduce pain. Then the barley can be lightly cauterized with iodine or green paint with a cotton swab. The procedure should be carried out with caution in order antiseptic not hit on mucous eyes.

During the day can be applied to the eye of the child a warm tea bags remaining after brewing the tea 10 to 15 minutes.

With domestic barley and purulent when ripe heads of barley treatment in children is performed using drops (Sulfacetamide, Tobreksa, Sofradeksa), but only after consultation with your doctor.

Ячмень на глазу у ребенка можно лечить теплым мешочком с солью или вареным яйцом
Barley in front of the child can be treated with a warm bag of salt or a boiled egg

Important! Barley on the eye of the infant (see photo) cannot be treated independently – in this case, the treatment procedure determined by the treating physician.

During treatment, you need to make sure the boy rubbed his eyes and tried to get rid of barley, pushing at him with her fingers.

How to treat barley in pregnant women

During pregnancy for the treatment of barley is not desirable to use drops and ointments, as they possess strong antibacterial action. Therefore, it is desirable to start treatment upon detection of the first symptoms of the disease.

Pregnant it is best to use means of alternative medicine: warm barley, dry heat, to make lotions from herbal infusions and tea.

During the lactation period also it is better to treat the barley folk remedies described above. The use of medicines is permissible only after medical consultation in order not to harm the child's development.

На время лечения ячменя стоит отказаться от косметики
At the time of treatment of barley should abandon cosmetics.

The tips and advice that you can and cannot do

Barley can be cured at home pretty quickly, if you spend the best preventive procedures correctly and avoid common mistakes that have the potential to transform the barley into a chalazion is a disease that can be cured only by surgery.

What to do and what not to do when barley near the eyes, on the eyelids:

  • The first rule when the barley – the refusal of cosmetics during the treatment to prevent the spread and worsening of the inflammatory process.
  • Rinse infusions and decoctions of the eye preferably every three hours. After washing the eye you should not wipe hard with a towel – enough to wet the eyelid with a clean cloth.
  • Should stop to warm the affected area if inflammation is increasing and the barley century eye continues to Mature.
  • The appearance of pus head on top of the barley should immediately stop wet compresses and lotions to the eye area. In this case we should completely abandon traditional medicine and go to medical drugs.
  • In any case can not squeeze barley. It provokes the spread of infection and can cause inflammation of even tissues of the brain.
  • If the barley has not disappeared after treatment on day 4-5, you should finish the medication and consult the doctor. This will avoid complications and the spread of infection.

Video: Live healthy! Barley is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, how to treat and wash.

Our recommendations will help to cure the stye in one day. Comprehensive treatment of external and internal stye on the eyelid of the eye at home from adults, children and pregnant women is almost the same, but with different drugs. Remember the ways and tips that you can do, and what not with barley, which we described above. Quickly get rid of the barley yourself, you will people's means, methods and recipes. If they don't help after 4 or 5 days – be sure to contact the optometrists.

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