How to get rid of heartburn? The best folk remedies

In medical science under reflux refers to a persistent burning sensation in your chest that spreads to the esophagus. Causes of heartburn and its treatment depend on the condition of the person and his environment.

Usually this condition is periodic in nature, appearing shortly after a meal or physical activity related to the inclination of the torso. The appearance of heartburn says about entering the esophagus in which the reaction medium is alkaline, acidic gastric contents. The acid destroys the lining of the esophagus, causing inflammation and pain. It's important to recognize the disease and cure it in order to avoid complicated consequences. For this you need to decide what helps heartburn and what to do when it occurs.

Чаще всего изжога появляется при попадании желудочного содержимого на стенки пищевода
Most often, heartburn occurs when gastric contents into contact with the wall of the esophagus

The main causes of heartburn

There are several conditions in which there is heartburn. The disease usually appears when getting gastric contents on the walls of the esophagus. Rarely the condition may be triggered by hypersensitivity of the membranes of the digestive tract even with reduced acidity. Unpleasant sensations in the sternum can cause nerve abnormalities.

Also severe heartburn can be triggered by the following factors:

  • frequent Smoking, alcohol, and strong carbonated drinks, coffee;
  • eating spicy foods and hot spices in high quantities;
  • increased consumption of citrus fruits, pickles, tomatoes, flour products;
  • overeating (the abundance of food relaxes the stomach valve causing reflux of acid into the esophagus);
  • taking medications that can increase stomach acidity (Ibuprofen, AspirinOrtophenum);
  • wearing tight clothing and tight belts and straps;
  • overweight;
  • pregnancy;
  • physical activity associated with the lifting and lowering of the torso;
  • afternoon NAP;
  • stressful situation.

Also cause heartburn can an excessive consumption of sweets, mint, soda drinks reception antidepressants and means of reducing arterial pressure.

Causes of heartburn in the throat

Constant heartburn can be felt not only in the chest but in my throat. This is due to the fact that the esophagus is inflamed, its surface formed by erosion and scarring. Scarring can cause narrowing of the esophagus. This condition is characterized by feeling a lump in my throat, the person may be difficult to keep swallowing – this is the cause of heartburn after eating. You need to go to the doctor when the symptoms otherwise you may develop tumor of the esophagus.

Please note. Also, if a person is healthy, heartburn in the throat can be triggered by the intake of spicy, fatty or salty foods.

Употребление острой пищи и жгучих приправ в повышенных количествах может привести к появлению изжоги
Eating spicy foods and hot spices in high quantities can cause heartburn

The symptoms of heartburn

The main symptoms of heartburn, which can establish its presence in a person are:

  • burning sensation in the throat, behind the breastbone or in the upper hotel of the abdomen;
  • strengthening sensations in the supine position;
  • the occurrence of acid belching;
  • sour or bitter taste in the mouth;
  • in severe cases, constant fatigue and lack of appetite.

In parallel with heartburn, the patient may experience bloody stool or vomiting, and increased sweating. In this case, hospitalization is required because the blood is a symptom of serious organ damage.

Please note. Heartburn after eating may occur after some time. Usually the heartburn symptoms are periodic in nature.

Жжение в горле - один из симптомов изжоги
Burning in the throat one of the symptoms of heartburn


Before to treat heartburn, should consult with a specialist. There are a number of drugs to help get rid of heartburn. Many of them are OTC and can be applied at home according to instructions.

Drugs from heartburn that helps eliminate the cause of its occurrence is Nizatidin and Raniditine. Among the medications aimed at alleviating symptoms, release heartburn tablets Gastal, Alyumag, Almagel, Maalox and others.

How to get rid of heartburn at home

There are several effective folk remedies that can help in the shortest possible time to get rid of heartburn.

potato juice

Potato juice – the most effective antacid for relief of symptoms. The substances contained in the juice, are effective in reducing the unpleasant feeling and improve the condition with increased acidity of gastric contents. Preparing the juice directly to the reception: selected washed potatoes (important, what they – the potatoes must be with a slight pinkish hue and elongated shape), cleaned (can not do) and rubbed on a grater. The slurry is filtered through cheesecloth to separate the juice.

Juice should stand for about 3 minutes to precipitate the starch. Squeeze consumed in pure form or after mixing with other juices. It is recommended to drink a glass of juice on an empty stomach, then you need to spend 30 minutes in the supine position. The treatment course consists of ten days of appointment and ten days of vacation. Just made 3 of the cycle. It is not recommended this method of treatment for patients diabetes or people with low acidity of gastric juice.

Картофельный сок – эффективное средство от изжоги
Potato juice is an effective remedy for heartburn

Herbs for heartburn

Decoctions of herbs can also be effective in the treatment of heartburn. Instantly get rid of symptoms calamus root. The plant is recommended to grind to a powder and gulp drink a pinch, drinking water. Contraindicated in inflammation of the kidneys.

Chamomile infusions can lower the acidity of gastric juice in the home. 3 tablespoons dry grass pour a glass of boiling water, infused and sarovitsa. Tincture is taken three times a day for 21 days.

At the first signs of heartburn effective infusion of mint – a teaspoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, the mixture is filtered and drunk in small SIPS in the form of heat.

A mixture of anise seeds, fennel and dill also effectively eliminates the symptoms of heartburn. A pinch of seeds pour a glass of boiling water and infused. Accepted solution acute attacks of heartburn a teaspoon to relief of symptoms. Used not longer than 1.5 months.

Centaury pour 2 cups boiling water in an enamel pot. Infused mixture of at least an hour, then brought to water bath for 15 minutes. Optionally, you can add copper for a few minutes until tender. Apply the mixture in the treatment of heartburn half a Cup a day.


Solution for heartburn from soda simple – just dissolve in a glass of water half a teaspoon of baking soda. Drink, drunk in small SIPS not to the bottom – the sediment is poured. To enhance the effect, you can take a reclining position.

Ditto fizzy soda for heartburn. Such mixtures are prepared by dissolving the baking soda and citric acid (apple cider vinegar) together. It is important that the amount of acid is not too far. The mixture is dissolved in water and drunk immediately. You can also use citric acid.

Сода эффективно борется с изжогой
Soda effectively treats heartburn


Raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds can significantly improve the human condition with heartburn. Seeds should be chewed in the morning. The same procedure is repeated, if starts to bother heartburn.

Well suited for the treatment of flax seeds due to the soothing and enveloping action. Crushed seeds are poured with hot water and infuse for 12 hours. Received a Lily-livered mixture take a spoonful before and after meals.

When problems with the gastrointestinal tract or the eyes is not recommended this method of treatment. How to quickly get rid of heartburn in such case, decided by the doctor.

Activated carbon

Activated charcoal can help relieve heartburn by its ability to remove acidic contents. The manifestation of burning you want to drink a few tablets of charcoal with water. You can also crush tablets and dissolve them in half a glass of milk.

The rate of use of drug – tablet per 10 kg of weight. A significant overdose can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


honey when getting to the inflamed mucosa soothes and has a regenerative effect. Pure honey at home when dealing with heartburn is rarely used.

With a weak manifestations for half an hour before meals drink a tablespoon of honey dissolved in a glass of water or milk. Instead of water, use of alkaline mineral water.

When severe heartburn honey mixed with aloe juice. Blend effectively relieves the pain and bitterness in the mouth. Is applied 40 minutes before a meal.

Мед хорошо успокаивает воспаленную слизистую
Honey soothes the inflamed mucosa


Medicinal properties against heartburn has burnt to the pan Krupa – home remedy for heartburn. After warm up, grits grind in a coffee grinder to a powder and take 3 times a day before meals with water.

Mineral water

Mineral water is an effective remedy for heartburn. Use water heated to 40 degrees. Before use it is required to deaerate by standing for several hours.

For relief of burning sensation in chest you need to drink half a glass of water 3 times a day for 21 days. To reduce the acidity in the stomach, you can drink water half an hour after eating. If there is increased acidity, you can drink the water an hour before a meal.

Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy occurs frequently. Especially, this phenomenon is typical for the first and third trimesters. Heartburn can cause different reasons – the influence of the hormone progesterone, diseases of the stomach, improper diet, or compression of the stomach by the uterus with reflux contents into the esophagus.

During pregnancy many medications are banned. However, there are some simple recommendations that can help to reduce the negative symptoms of heartburn:

  • the use of non-sparkling mineral water;
  • eating nuts (especially walnut or hazelnuts) and sunflower seeds in the diet;
  • eating yogurt or milk (if heartburn after eating).

You can also try to minimize the risk of heartburn during pregnancy. It is recommended:

  1. reduce eating foods that trigger heartburn (juices, bananas, fruits, garlic);
  2. after a meal do not take a horizontal position immediately;
  3. many times eating small portions;
  4. to enclose under a head of 2 pillows below the head appeared above the trunk.

If these methods proved ineffective during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor. He can pick a safe cure for heartburn that is guaranteed to eliminate the symptoms. In every pregnancy, the drugs can differ. It determines how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy in a particular period.

У беременных часто возникает изжога
To treat heartburn for pregnant women should always consult Racha

How to minimize the risk of heartburn

There are a few simple recommendations, under which a person can minimize the risk of developing the condition and to lessen the effects of heartburn. These include the following tips:

  • the use of non-carbonated mineral water during meals to cleanse the walls of the esophagus from acid;
  • the reduction of the single portions of food;
  • compliance with guidelines for the use of the funds, which can cause heartburn;
  • more frequent meals;
  • the use of home funds from heartburn;
  • the restriction of the use of products that provoke the manifestation of heartburn;
  • during an afternoon NAP, it is desirable to raise the head up to 15 cm to minimize the risk of reflux of acid into the esophagus;
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • if you have excess weight weight loss;
  • timely treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from the experts;
  • timely treatment of nervous disorders.

Any kind of treatment is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the cause of heartburn and to prevent the situation from deteriorating. People who have been previously diagnosed with reflux, you need planning to pass the necessary tests to control the state of the mucous membranes of the esophagus. To get rid of at home from burning after treatment by a physician.

Tip! It is important to avoid overeating during treatment, it is desirable to limit the consumption of fruits and fruit juices. Supplementation is better done after eating, if you suffer heartburn.

Своевременное лечение болезней ЖКТ у специалистов сведет к минимуму возникновение изжоги
Timely treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from the experts will minimize the occurrence of heartburn

Heartburn with adequate treatment completely cured, even if it's heartburn during pregnancy. There are many effective drugs (including Tums) which quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms and eliminate the cause of the caller. For correct prescription medication, you should consult a specialist. Also, there are many effective remedies (folk remedies heartburn), can significantly ease the condition of those who have the disease.

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