Gastritis inflammation of the gastric mucosa

Recognize gastritis both acute and chronic. Acute may develop as a result of an intoxication with acids and alkalis, with radiation or with the use of a certain group of drugs. Sharp gastritis encourages immediate communication to a medical specialist gastroenterologist. It is also possible to run into a chronic, but most often constant gastritis can occur as an independent illness.

The symptoms of gastritis

The main symptoms of gastritis discover nausea, burning pain in top of stomach, vomiting, weakness and dizziness, nonappearance of appetite, loss of weight, belching, feeling of an abundance after meal, flatulence. Sometimes a person may only experience one symptom, sometimes several. Chronic gastritis may produce a little, and pass with frequent relapses.

Causes of gastritis

At this time it is believed that the essential basis of a permanent gastritis occur germs Helicobacter pylori. These organisms colonize the gastric mucosa and become aphrodisiacs gastritis with increased acidity of gastric juice. Also the most important reason of the permanent gastritis show that frequent and long-lasting destruction of the intake of food; a love for searing food; frequent eating of spicy and coarse food; drinking of liquor; prolonged uncontrolled dose medications that astraunaut the mucous membrane of the stomach; poisoning, malaise kidneys; occupational hazard; genetic propensity.

Treatment of gastritis

Short of going to the doctor and exhaustive treatment of gastritis can lead to peptic ulcer or stomach bleeding. The worst possibility is stomach cancer.

Healing of gastritis are very specific, so it's best not to engage in self-medication and to consult a professional and qualified doctor-a gastroenterologist. He will appoint the right treatment and prescribe additional tests that need to be done. Among them ultrasound examination of the stomach, inspection with the assistance of good the gastroscope like the PENTAX FG-16V (special tube, which outputs a display on the monitor screen), biopsy mucous membrane, the study of the stomach more thoroughly.

 Гастрофиброскоп тонкий Pentax FG-16V.
The fibergastroscope slim Pentax FG-16V.

It is also possible appointments to various special tests of blood, stool and x-rays, Abdominal ultrasound. Your doctor may also prescribe other examinations, in addition to the above. Therapy of gastritis will consist of the drug complex of tablets, which improve the acidity and restore the mucous membrane, and you can apply antibacterial treatment. But the most important component of the treatment of this disease is a special diets. Recognize them due to the acidity of the stomach. With high acidity is recommended frequent meals (four or five times a day) at the appointed time, without the use of food that increase acid. For example, broth from meat, fish and mushrooms should be replaced by vegetable and milk soups. Instead of spirits is better to use cocoa, various fruit juices, non-carbonated mineral water and any kinds of jelly.

With the lowered acidity it is better to include in the nutrition intake of those foods which increase the acidity, and to abandon those that are lower.

In both types of gastritis is best to abandon smoked, spicy, pickled, fried. As these dishes to excite the gastric mucosa.

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