Painful periods: Causes and treatment

All women of our world ever faced with menstruation or “periods”. The majority of females feel pain and “aching” discomfort in the lower abdomen and lower back. “Thanks”to the advice of their relatives and friends, women begin to think that pain is a kind of norm, and with each “monthly” continue to endure this pain.

Often, many women due to this discomfort and pain forced not to go to work or skip school days. The official name of this Dysmenorrhea(Algomenorrhea). Similar pathological process occurs every second woman and is not characterized by any age category.

Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary. Each of them has its own peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment.

Primary dysmenorrhea

Primary dysmenorrhea, defined as painful menstruation without pathologic changes in the genital organs. Most often found in young women or adolescent girls. Pain and discomfort come with the first menstrual cycle.

Also dysmenorrhea may occur a few years after the onset of menstruation. The pain symptoms are manifested from the beginning, or for 1-2 days before the “monthly”. Sometimes the pain during dysmenorrhea can give to the area of the rectum, bladder or ovaries.

Complaints during Dysmenorrhea

The cause of the pain and discomfort.

During primary dysmenorrhea in a woman's body produces accordion substance that is the prostaglandins. At the time of “monthly” level is what leads to muscle spasms and arteries of the uterus. After such constant cramps and contractions in the uterus accumulate various metabolic products, are known for their toxicity. These products and cause irritation of nerve endings, which leads to pain. Due to the close proximity of the uterus to the bladder, intestines and ovary pain spreading to these organs.

How to relieve or eliminate pain in primary dysmenorrhea?

The discomfort of primary dysmenorrhea becomes invisible after the sex, and then completely disappears.

Secondary dysmenorrhea

In this case, painful periods often occur in the reproductive age, due to some gynecological diseases.

The disease associated with the appearance of secondary dysmenorrhea

  • endometriosis
  • Myoma uterus
  • Cyst and ovarian tumor
  • Inflammation of the urinary system
  • Adenomyosis.

Despite the whole list of diseases, and secondary dysmenorrhea is just a symptom of gynecological diseases. To establish dysmenorrhea your doctor to exclude disease of the genital organs.

Detection and diagnosis of secondary dysmenorrhea

  • Examination Gynecologist
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis and its organs
  • Vaginal and urethral
  • PCR diagnostics of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Hysteroscopy.

Diagnosis should always take place individually, taking into account all complaints and of the patient. To solve the problems associated with dysmenorrhea, you may need help neurologist and endocrinologist.

Discharge after menstruation

Many women worry about allocation, not related to menstruation. And not every representative of the fairer sex knows what kind of allocation are considered normal and which are signs of disease. All vaginal discharge differ from each other by their color and texture. They can be white, red, black and yellow.

At the end of the menstrual cycle the blood is much slower, making the selection after a month have a dark brown color. No odor is a sign of a healthy body, the presence of odor it is necessary to conduct a smear test on various diseases.

At the onset of discharge a few days after “monthly”, you must do a pregnancy test. Also, these symptoms can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

An important issue in pain management in dysmenorrhea

Perhaps the main problem in eliminating pain and treatment of dysmenorrhea is ignorance of the consequences of pain during menstruation. Many women are not going to treat or attempt to eliminate persistent pain and discomfort, trying to endure the pain.

Subsequently, representatives of the fair sex, get used to this condition and I believe these pains are the norm, while others constantly “swallow” painkillers, not considering all the side effects that can harm their body.

As a result, primary dysmenorrhea can go into secondary. That would mean the possibility of various gynecological diseases, and to know which is not permissible.

To prevent such an attitude to the health of the body, should always remember 2 important rules: 1. Pain is not a good sign!; 2. You need to find out the cause of pain and discomfort! You also need to consider the fact that our medicine can provide you with different treatment options painful “monthly”, based on your complaints.

Treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

Successful treatment of dysmenorrhea depends on the quality of the medications and various physiotherapy methods that will eliminate the painful “monthly”. Also the choice of treatment is carried out, given the nature of pain and its condition.

Methods for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

  • analgesic
  • vitamin complexes
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs)
  • Hormonal contraceptives.

The most common medications are NSAIDs naproxen and ibuprofen. These drugs reduce the amount of prostaglandins.

Hormonal contraceptives -drugs that suppress ovulation and the endometrium restraint in “sleep” state. With this number of prostaglandins is significantly reduced, leading to reduced pain during menstruation.

Also in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea can help you with relaxation, abdominal massage and acupuncture .

Carefully suggest and recommend you at the first appearance of pain to consult your doctor who will be able to identify the cause of pain and prescribe treatment that eliminates painful “period.”

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