Kegel exercises for women: how to make at home
Kegel Exercises For Women
Kegel exercise for women at home - what it is, to whom are they shown? Strengthening of muscles of a vagina at home. Does hemorrhoids? Exercises for women after surgery for incontinence and during pregnancy.
Female urethritis – causes, the first signs and treatment
Urethritis in women
How is urethritis in women and the dangerous disease: causes, complications are possible. The symptoms of different types of urethritis, and their treatment. Preparations for the treatment, prevention.
How is a renal ultrasound? Preparation for the procedure, interpreting the results
renal ultrasound
Why do an ultrasound of the kidneys: the essence of the procedure and indications for. Preparation for ultrasound of kidneys, the results and their interpretation. Cost.
Why increased spleen and what to do with this symptom?
Enlarged spleen
Why it may be enlarged spleen in children and adults. Treatment of folk remedies. Food for an enlarged spleen.
Ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities – when it is prescribed, how it
Ultrasound of lower limb veins
Indications for ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities. Types of sonography. Training. How is the procedure. Contraindications. How much is the study.
Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity – and that shows you how to prepare for the exam
Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity – and that shows you how to prepare for the exam
To check the ultrasound of the abdominal organs. Indications for the study. Preparation for the procedure. Contraindications. What is the procedure.
Ultrasound of the prostate – indications for the study, how it
Ultrasound of the prostate
What is ultrasound of the prostate. Indications, preparation, how it's performed. Transcript ultrasound of the prostate. Contraindications. Cost.
Bug bites on humans (photos) – symptoms and treatment
Bug bites
Look like bug bites and the more dangerous parasites to humans? The symptoms of the disease. How to treat bug bites on the human body. Folk remedies. Prevention.
Urethritis in men causes, symptoms and treatment
Urethritis in men
Urethritis in men - why it occurs and how to manifest? Diagnosis. Drug treatment of urethritis. How to treat urethritis in the home. Prevention.
Rumbling stomach – causes and their elimination
Why is there a rumbling in your stomach?. The symptoms of disease. How to get rid of the rumbling in the stomach in adults. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. Prevention.
memory impairment
memory impairment

If you wonder what can be considered normal for memory impairment and loss, you will never answer it, because each person has a threshold. Incidentally, the limit of the memory. There is such a thing as...

A bruised tailbone in the fall – what to do?
tailbone bruise
Bruised tailbone - clinical differences injury fracture and dislocation of the lower spine. Diagnosis and treatment, basic rehabilitation activities.
What cures a urologist and when you need to see a specialist?
Who is the urologist, and what are the ailments cured: the list of pathologies and the list of symptoms of urological nature. When the urologist is necessary for men, children and women. Reception at the urologist: how to apply, how to prepare for the examination. Methods of treatment and the competence of the urologist

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