Why might it hurt the neck? Reason and possible pathology, treatment
Sore neck
Why a sore neck. Causes of pain in the lymph nodes on the neck. Why neck pain in a child. Diagnosis. Medication. Prevention.
The causes of tinnitus and treatments
Noise in ears
Why noise may occur in the ears? What kind of diseases could say a similar symptom? What to do in case of noise? The methods of treatment.
The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the cervical and treatments
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine
A pinched nerve in the cervical spine - causes, main manifestations of pathology, diagnosis and treatment. Ways to relieve pinched - medicines and folk remedies, massage. Prevention of the disease.
What to do if you peel off the skin on the face? Causes and treatment
Peeling skin on face
Why peeling skin on face - causes and possible diseases. Treatment: list of drugs, traditional recipes of masks and scrubs. Recommendations cosmetologists.
What is heart bypass surgery – the operation, stages of implementation, consequences
Heart bypass surgery
How is heart bypass surgery: indications for, preparation, rehabilitation. The effects of surgery: possible complications, quality of life, prognosis.

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