Take the army with flat feet? Symptoms, diagnosis, stage of zabolevaniya
Flat feet - do with him in the army
What is flat feet. Varieties of the disease. The symptoms of flatfoot. Do now in the army with flat feet. How is medical examination in the military. Treatment of flatfoot. Prevention.
Where is the pancreas and what is the meaning of pain in it?
Sick pancreas
Why can hurt the pancreas? How to recognize, what hurts it? Which illnesses are worth considering if ill pancreas?
How to quickly get rid of the fumes? Preparations and folk recipes
Causes of fume. How to quickly sober up and get rid of the fumes. How to remove it in the morning. The hangover cure with traditional methods, prevention.
How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home?
Hangover - how to quickly get rid of in the home? What methods are the most effective? The answers to these questions you will find in the article.
How to quickly cope with a cold at home – a step by step guide
Cold how to quickly get rid of the disease at home? And people's pharmacy remedies for adults, children, lactating and pregnant women.
How to eat healthy: basics of healthy nutrition, selection of foods, menu planning
proper nutrition
Proper nutrition: how to change the diet and to choose the necessary products. The principles of healthy nutrition and recommendations for their implementation. Menu options: for 7 days, a month, for girls, for men, for children.
Treatment of a hip fracture in the elderly: surgery, recovery time and prognosis
Hip fracture in the elderly
Hip fracture in the elderly - how dangerous pathology? How is it displayed? Methods of treating trauma, surgery, the prognoses for recovery.
Best cure for flu and colds – the list specifications, prices. First aid
Flu and colds
How to choose an effective and inexpensive cure for colds and flu - the list of the best brands, features, price in the pharmacy, the drug. The first aid for colds and flu, what are the main differences and symptoms.
On the head there were red spots – what to treat? The reasons of occurrence and ways of elimination of problems
Spots on the penis
Why are there red spots on the penis: alarming symptoms and possible diseases. In some cases, you need to treat red spots on the penis, and when they are not dangerous? Diagnosis, treatment, prevention.
Fainting – symptoms and causes of fainting in adults and children, providing first medical care
Обморок, потеря сознания - это своеобразная защитная реакция организма взрослых и детей, возникающая в качестве ответа на определенные ситуации и раздражители, в результате которых к сердцу практически не поступает необходимая ему кровь, а к мозгу - кислород. Оказание первой помощи при обмороке - необходимое условие для скорейшего восстановления состояния пострадавшего.
What are warts and how to treat them? Methods of eliminating warts
Papilloma - causes and factors that trigger their occurrence. Look like papilloma – features and locations. The ways to eliminate warts in the home and hospital settings: national and pharmacy tools, surgical removal.
Papillomas on the penis – photos, causes, symptoms and treatment
Papilloma on the penis
Papillomas on the penis - causes and symptoms of the disease. The possible complications. How to get rid of warts on the penis. How to remove the papilloma. Prevention.
Papillomas on the neck – pictures, causes, symptoms and treatment
Papillomas on neck
Why appear papillomas on the neck. How to remove papillomas on the neck and in the armpits. Treatment in the home folk remedies. Prevention.
Паратиреоидный гормон (ПТГ), паратгормон – регулятор кальция в крови
Паратиреоидный гормон (ПТГ), паратгормон
Паратиреоидный гормон (ПТГ), также называемый паратгормоном, вещество, вырабатываемое и секретируемое паращитовидными железами, которое регулирует концентрацию кальция в сыворотке крови. Под микроскопом ПТГ - продуцирующие клетки, называемые главными клетками, выделенными из околощитовидных желез, встречаются в листьях, перемежающихся участками жировой ткани. Иногда клетки располагаются в фолликулах, похожих на те, что имеются в щитовидной железе, но меньших размеров. Как и с другими белковыми гормонами, ПТХ синтезирован как большой неактивный прогормон.
Peritonitis – causes, symptoms and treatment
Peritonitis - causes, symptoms, types. Complications of peritonitis. How to treat peritonitis in adults. Prevention.
Tickling in throat causes cough – causes and how to treat?
Sore throat
Sore throat and cough - why is this happening? The symptoms of disease. How to soften dry cough. Folk remedies to combat sore throat. Prevention.
Sand in the kidneys: causes and manifestations of
The sand in the kidneys
Sand in the kidneys – as the disease appears in women and men? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of kidney stones.
Food poisoning in adults - Symptoms and Treatment
Food poisoning in adults
Food poisoning in adults - causes and symptoms. Classification of poisoning. How to give first aid. Drug and the popular treatment. What can I eat after poisoning. Prevention.
Elevated monocytes in a child – causes, pathology, treatment
Elevated monocytes in a child
Elevated monocytes from a child - what can it mean? Reason and possible pathology. Types of monocytosis. How to prepare your child for blood for General analysis. The methods of treatment.
Increased hemoglobin in men – causes, symptoms, pathology, treatment
Increased hemoglobin in males
Increased hemoglobin in males is the norm or a Wake-up call? Symptoms. How to lower hemoglobin. Food. People's ways of solving problems.
Elevated heart rate at elevated pressure – what to do?
Elevated heart rate at elevated pressure
Elevated heart rate at elevated pressure - what can it mean? Possible pathology, diagnostics, first aid. Treatment medicines, folk remedies.
Increased monocytes in the adult – what does that mean? Causes, pathology, treatment
Elevated monocytes in the blood of adult
Increased monocytes in the blood of adults - what does this mean? Possible causes of pathology. The leukocyte count analysis when conducting diagnostic procedures and ways of dealing with monocytosis.
Gout – what is this disease? Treatment of gout in women and men with medicines and folk remedies
What is gout: how it looks and how the disease appears on the soles of the feet joints. Symptoms, treatment of gout in women and men, nutritional therapy and prevention.
Polio – what is it? Symptoms and treatment how to prevent disease?
Polio – causes, symptoms, consequences of disease. When to get vaccinated against polio? Complications after vaccination, treatment and prevention of disease.
Polyps in the uterus – how to identify the disease? Danger pathology and methods of treatment
Polyps in the uterus
Polyps in the uterus - characteristics and types, causes of appearance. Symptoms and diagnosis. Treatment of polyps in the uterus: medicine, surgery, traditional medicine.
Nasal polyps – symptoms, treatment, removal without operation
Polyps in the nose
Nasal polyps - causes and signs. Removal of nasal polyps with a shaver, and other methods. Treatment polyps medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
Diarrhea in adults – causes and treatment
Diarrhea in adults
Diarrhea in adults - the causes, possible pathology. What can I eat with diarrhea. Pills from diarrhea in adults. Treatment of folk remedies. Prevention.
Потеря сознания, обморок – первая скорая медицинская помощь
Потеря сознания, обморок

As a rule, loss of consciousness a person is associated with disruption of the Central nervous system. During such incidents people can't keep balance and fall down, unable to move the limbs. Perhaps only the presence of seizures for the period of loss of consciousness. Besides, people...

Прививка от гриппа детям 2019-2020: вакцины, противопоказания, отзывы
Прививка от гриппа 2019-2020 детям
Классификация вакцин от гриппа 2019-2020. Противопоказания и побочные эффекты. Нужа ли прививка от гриппа детям? Противопоказания, отзывы.
The causes of arthritis, symptoms and treatments
Why people develop arthritis? How to notice the onset of the disease? The characteristic symptoms of disease, main methods of exposure to different types of arthritis.
Mitral valve prolapse 1, 2, 3 degrees: symptoms and treatment
Mitral valve prolapse
The mitral valve prolapse. Degrees and varieties. Regurgitation. Is it true that with a prolapse we can. What is the danger of the prolapse and whether it is necessary to treat it?
Psoriasis in adults pictures, symptoms and treatment at home
Psoriasis of the causes of the disease, symptoms. Diet in psoriasis. Treatment medicines and folk remedies. Prevention.
The pulpit (photo) – causes, symptoms and treatment
Pulpitis - what it is, what causes, how to recognize the disease? Symptoms, diagnosis and methods of treatment of pulpitis, as well as prevention methods.
Свинка у детей (паротит) – как проявляется болезнь? Симптомы и возможные последствия
Свинка у детей (паротит) – как проявляется болезнь? Симптомы и возможные последствия
Свинка или паротит у детей - пути заражения и причины заболевания. Симптомы, методы лечения, возможные осложнения патологии и профилактика болезни.
The symptoms of inflection of the gallbladder and the methods of treatment of anomalies of development
Изгиб желчного пузыря
Перегиб желчного пузыря: почему это происходит? Причины, симптомы, диагностика и лечение. Какие правила и диету необходимо соблюдать при данном заболевании.
The symptoms of high blood sugar in men and women. The causes of development and methods of treatment
Increased blood sugar
How to suspect elevated blood sugar? When there is its deviation from the norm? Talking about elevated sugar? What to do to lower the rates?
The reference to the traffic police from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist – when it is necessary, as to how much it cost
The reference to the traffic police
Водительская медкомиссия с наркологом и психиатром в СПБ и Москве - где выдается справка для ГИБДД? Необходимые документы. Адрес сайта "единого окна".
Pills for diarrhea in adults – which will help quickly and efficiently?
Понос- список таблеток от диареи
Pills for diarrhea in adults - what to choose? Inexpensive and effective means - names, list. Choose the drug depending on the status reason.
Your child has diarrhea without fever and vomiting: what to do? Causes and treatment
The child has diarrhea without fever and vomiting
Your child has diarrhea without fever and vomiting: dangerous and harmless the cause of the disturbance. How to treat diarrhea in a child: drugs, traditional methods and ways of elimination of diarrhea.
memory impairment
memory impairment

If you wonder what can be considered normal for memory impairment and loss, you will never answer it, because each person has a threshold. Incidentally, the limit of the memory. There is such a thing as...

What does the proctologist – which diseases can be cured and when is it needed? Features of the examination
What cures proctologist: specialization and the list of diseases that are cured. When to go to the proctologist: symptoms and dangerous condition. Consultation at the proctologist: how to make an inspection and where to take it, the stages of the reception and the preparation for it
What distinguishes a psychiatrist from a therapist
The therapist and the psychiatrist
The therapist and psychiatrist - the similarities and differences between doctors. What diseases they treat, who to contact for mental disorders. The methods of treatment.
What cures a pulmonologist – a list of diseases and symptoms. When to contact?
What cures a pulmonologist and when to access it? How is the reception from the pulmonologist: how to get a doctor's appointment, cost of consultation, list of services doctor.
Что такое диарея? Причины появления и методы лечения диареи у детей и взрослых
Diarrhea in adults and children: causes, symptoms and varieties. How to treat diarrhea: home methods, medicines, diet, the advice of a doctor.
What is periodontitis – causes, symptoms and treatments
What is periodontitis? How to notice the disease? Main types of pathology, the difference between acute and chronic forms. Methods of treatment of different forms of the disease.

Human diseases beginning with P