Hiccups in newborns after feeding – why it occurs and what to do?
Hiccups in a newborn
Hiccups in newborns after feeding - causes effects and ways of dealing with it. Prophylaxis and unpleasant and what not to do when hiccups.
Hypochondriac – the usual whiner or a sick person? How to get rid of hypochondria?
Who is the hypochondriac: what causes the disorder and how it manifests itself. The causes of the condition and the characteristic signs of a hypochondriac. How to get rid of hypochondria: medical help and advice close
A deviated septum how to cure the pathology? The causes and methods of treatment
Deviated septum
Why is there a deviated septum: causes and signs of disease. How to cure a deviated septum: conservative and surgical methods of treatment. The curvature of the nasal septum in children: causes, symptoms, treatment.
Coronary heart disease – forms and signs of disease, methods of treatment
Coronary heart disease
How is coronary heart disease: causes and risk factors. Classification of CHD: the form of the disease and their symptoms. Treatment, prevention and prognosis of ischemic heart disease.
Sciatica – what is it? Causes, symptoms and treatment
Sciatica - causes of sciatica. The symptoms of the disease. How to treat sciatica medication. Folk remedies. Prevention.
How to boost child
How to boost child's immunity – vitamins, drugs, traditional methods. When to go to the immunologist?
How to strengthen the immune system of the child and when to see a doctor-immunologist? Ways to strengthen the immune system – immunomodulators, folk remedies, prevention.
What will tell ELISA analysis? Description of the test and interpretation of results
ELISA analysis
That shows ELISA analysis and who is assigned to research? The method and preparation for the procedure. The results of IFA test and their definitions.
What is acupuncture? The benefits and harms of treatment with needles
Why you need acupuncture and how it works: the readings, the benefits to the body. Can acupuncture harm: contraindications and recommendations of physicians

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