Dementia - what is it? Dementia in the elderly: Symptoms and Treatment, forecast
Dementia in the elderly
What is dementia in the elderly. symptoms, stage of disease, causes of. Treatment. Traditional medicine in the fight against disease. prevention.
Demodecosis Face – a photo, the reasons, Symptoms and Treatment
Demodecosis Face
Demodecosis Face - как выглядит заболевание? The reasons, которые его вызывают. Как избавиться от проблемы: diet, схема лечения демодекоза лица. Folk remedies. prevention.
Depression in women – how to go out on their own? TOP 25 effective tips, how to get rid of the Blues
Depression in Women
Depression in Women - факторы развития болезни, kinds, Symptoms and treatment of disease. 25 действенных советов, как побороть депрессию самостоятельно.
Depression in men – the reasons, symptoms and treatments
Depression in men
Депрессия у мужчин – почему возникает и как проявляется заболевание? medication treatment, психотерапией, альтернативными методами. How to prevent
Diathesis in children, infants – why there is and how to treat?
Diathesis in infants
Diathesis in infants, children - the causes of the disease, symptomatology. How does the diathesis? Treatments medicines and folk remedies.
Sofa with an orthopedic mattress for daily use: kinds, testimony, contraindications. Which to choose?
Sofa with an orthopedic mattress
Sofa with an orthopedic mattress - преимущества и недостатки, разновидности диванов. types of mattresses. How to choose a sofa. prices.
bowel diverticulosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
bowel diverticulosis
Diverticulosis of the intestine in adults - causes and symptoms. How to treat diverticulosis medicines and folk remedies. prevention.
diet number 5 or “Table number 5” – that can be, что нельзя есть, варианты меню на день и неделю
Диета стол №5
Разберемся при каких заболеваниях показана диета стол номер 5? What products are allowed, а какие запрещены к употреблению на данной диете и как правильно готовить их? Вся суть диеты стол №5, варианты меню на день и на 7 дней недели с завтраками, обедами, полдниками и ужинами, а также прием еды перед сном.
Cervical dysplasia - which is to be feared? The reasons, Symptoms and Treatment Methods
Cervical Dysplasia
Как развивается и почему появляется дисплазия шейки матки: the reasons, степени и последствия. How to treat dysplasia: drugs, народное и хирургическое лечение.
Diphtheria in Children - Causes, the first signs and treatment. The dangers of the disease
Diphtheria in children
Diphtheria in children - causes and first symptoms of the disease. How to treat the disease. pathology Prevention. Vaccination against diphtheria.
Diffuse changes pancreatic parenchyma – Symptoms and Treatment
Diffuse changes pancreatic parenchyma
Diffuse changes pancreatic parenchyma - the reasons, clinical and ultrasound signs of pathology. How to identify problems using laboratory and instrumental methods. Methods of dealing with the transformation of the pancreas, depending on the causes.
Diffuse changes of the thyroid gland – the reasons, symptoms and treatment
Diffuse changes of the thyroid gland
What is diffuse changes of the thyroid gland. Why they occur and what impact? pathology diagnostics, treatment, prevention.
How to get out of depression? Effective tips, drug list, literature
How to get out of depression
Millions of people around the world don't know, how to get out of depression yourself. This condition is equivalent to the disease and in such cases often requires professional medical help.
As shown dermatitis in adults? Causes and treatment of disease
Dermatitis - это кожное заболевание детей и взрослых. Узнайте всё про причины, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment with medicines and folk remedies such as dermatitis: infectious dermatitis, atopicheskiy, seborrheal, contact dermatitis, allergic and dry. Фото примеры каждого вида дерматита.
What diseases cures dermatologist and when you need to see the doctor?
What diseases and problems are dealt with by a dermatologist: the list of pathologies and specialty physician. What symptoms turn to a dermatologist: danger signs of skin diseases. How is the reception of a dermatologist: where the doctor accepts, how to prepare for the exam, analysis and research, treatments
What is diarrhea? The causes of and treatments for children and adults
Diarrhea in adults and children: causes of, symptoms and varieties. How to treat diarrhea: home methods, drug list, diet, the advice of a doctor.

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