How to get rid of blackheads – effective methods of dealing with the problem
The black dots on the face
How to get rid of blackheads on face at home? Treatment of pharmaceutical, cosmetic preparations and folk remedies. Prevention of blackheads.
Frequent painless urination in women – causes and treatments
Frequent urination in women
Why is there frequent urination in women without pain? Reason and possible pathology, diagnosis and treatment of symptoms.
Frequent urination without pain in men – what could it be and how to treat?
Frequent urination in men
Frequent urination in men - what kind of disease it may indicate, if it does not produce pain? Possible causes of a symptom and its treatment.
Itching inside ears – causes and treatment
Itchy ears inside
Why itchy ears inside? Causes, symptoms, medical treatment and national treatment. Preventive measures. Reviews.

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