Acromegaly, thickening of facial features, etc – causes, symptoms, treatment
Acromegaly - a thickening of facial features
Acromegaly (thickening of the facial features and other body parts) is a disease in which certain body parts are pathologically increased, which is due to excessive amount of growth hormone produced in the human body. Unfortunately, acromegaly is not only symptoms
Alcohol Poisoning - Symptoms and Treatment at home
alcohol poisoning
First aid for alcohol poisoning. Signs of poisoning by alcoholic drinks. How to treat alcohol poisoning at home. Folk remedies for hangover.
amniotic fluid
amniotic fluid
Амниотическая жидкость - это прозрачная жидкость, которая окружает развивающийся плод в утробе матери. Он формируется из плазмы матери (или жидкой части клеток крови), как он отражает мимо плодных мембран и succumbs к силам осмоса и гидростатического давления. Визуально говоря, околоплодные воды часто имеют желтый оттенок, но он всегда содержится в околоплодных водах.
Anal fissure in the anus – causes and treatment of sensitive issues
Anal fissure in the anus
Why is there an anal fissure? Causes, symptoms and diagnosis. Methods of treatment folk remedies and medicines.
Antihistamines of new generation – a list of Allergy drugs
Antihistamines of new generation – a list of Allergy drugs
Antihistamines of new generation – what it is, what is the principle of their action, what they are, a list of the most effective and popular anti-Allergy drugs.
Hypertension – what is it? The symptoms and treatment of pathology
Arterial hypertension
What is arterial hypertension? In some cases, the doctors diagnose such a condition? Symptoms, stage of the disease. Methods of treatment and prevention.
Arterial bleeding – signs and first aid, special instructions
Arterial bleeding
What to do if there was arterial bleeding? Signs of arterial bleeding, stop the blood flow with the tourniquet and fingers: algorithm for rendering the first ambulance postradavshim and special instructions with photo examples of the places you need to press with your fingers and apply a tourniquet if the wound arms, legs, neck, torso.
Аскорбиновая кислота (витамин С) – как укрепить иммунитет? Польза, способы приема, дозировки взрослым и детям
Аскорбиновая кислота (витамин С)
Аскорбиновая кислота (витамин С) – как укрепить иммунитет, улучшить состояние кожи и волос? Формы выпуска, показания, дозировки, противопоказания. В 5 формах выпуска: Таблетки. В форме жевательных таблеток. Таблетки шипучие. Драже. Аскорбиновая кислота в форме порошка для растворения в воде. Аскорбиновая кислота - раствор в ампулах для введения инъекций.
Minimal change disease

Minimal change disease has an acute onset and is manifested by edema and heavy proteinuria, mostly in children. Renal function is usually preserved. The diagnosis is made empirically or on the basis of renal biopsy. The prognosis is favorable. Treatment of minimal change disease includes the administration of glucocorticoids or cyclophosphamide, or cyclosporine...

Vitamin A: why the body needs reveal the shortages? Contained in the following products and their beneficial properties. Drugs with vitamin a
Vitamin a, retinol
The benefits of vitamin A for the human body is very obvious. Symptoms of deficiency dry skin, cracking skin, brittle nails and hair... what foods contain vitamin a are cheese, liver, carrots, broccoli, parsley, etc. a List of the best complexes of vitamin a from Solgar, Aevitum, Retinol and prices in pharmacies. Patients ' feedback on the application and use of vitamin A.
Hepatitis a: causes, transmission, diagnosis and treatment
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis a is the most mild among all the other hepatitis. Observance of rules of personal hygiene and vaccination can help avoid illness. Causes, symptoms and treatments of hepatitis A in the article.
Why is there a sun Allergy? Symptoms and treatment
Allergy to the sun
Sun Allergy - causes and symptoms. What types of allergies to the sun are. How to remove rashes in adults and children. Prevention of allergic reactions.
The causes of adenoiditis in children. Treatment and prevention of disease
Adenoids in children
Adenoids in children - causes and symptoms of pathology. Treatments: medications and folk remedies. Surgical removal and the indications for the procedure.
The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee treatment at home
Osteoarthritis of the knee
What are the reasons for developing osteoarthritis of the knee sustava? The main symptoms of the disease and methods of diagnosis. Drug therapy of the disease and home remedies.
The symptoms and treatment of angioedema. How to avoid danger?
Отёк Квинке (ангионевротический отёк)
Angioedema (angioedema) - severe swelling of tissues due to allergies. Causes, symptoms, treatment of angioedema.
Top list of the best antidepressants without a prescription
Top list of the best antidepressants without a prescription
Antidepressants without prescription - what to buy? List of best drugs against depression vegetable and synthetic origin, their characteristics.
That means PSA? Rules of the DOG, their meanings and significance
PSA test
Why you need a PSA: indications for and the value of the antigens. Rules of the DOG depending on the age of the man. When the excess PSA means cancer - interpreting the results.
What is apathy and how to overcome the indifferent state? Causes, signs and treatment of a condition
What is lethargy - causes, features and characteristic symptoms. Do I need to treat apathy and how to get rid of it: recommendations and methods of treatment.
What is atheroma? Pictures, symptoms and treatment
Sebaceous cyst: symptoms and treatment, pictures. The people of the atheroma are often called Wen, confusing with other entities. How to distinguish them? Traditional methods of treatment of atheroma and medication. Video demonstration of surgery to remove nevospalitelnoe atheroma.

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